Temperature Machine: What Is It and What’s the Best One to Use

Temperature Machine: What Is It and What’s the Best One to Use

COVID-19 remains a threat to our way of life. Vaccines have made it possible for society to have a semblance of normalcy. But people still need to remain vigilant. They should still follow health protocols. This is crucial since new variants of the virus keep appearing.

This means masks and infrared thermometers will still be in use. Investing in your own temperature machine can help. A temperature machine can measure the body’s temperature using advanced thermal imaging. There are different types of thermal thermometer scanners. Some are handheld devices while others are often placed on a stand.

These thermometers can convert an individual’s body heat into readable measurements. The best part is it’s done even without direct contact. It reduces the risk of infection and can inform you if someone has an elevated temperature. The normal body temperature rests between 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. A higher temperature can mean a fever, which is one of the symptoms of COVID or a virus. Knowing if someone is running a fever can help you take the appropriate steps.

Top Benefits of a Thermal Temperature Scanner

Companies have turned to temperature machines because of the many advantages they provide. Here are some of the best reasons to invest in one:

  • It helps keep people safe. Preventing a person with an abnormal temperature reading from entering a facility can help prevent COVID transmissions. It’s why offices, schools, and shops have thermal scanners at their entry points. Many companies have policies so someone with a high temperature has to go home. They’re also tested further for positive Covid results. This step is critical in ensuring everyone’s health and safety.
  • It’s not invasive. Taking someone’s temperature used to mean getting close to them, but this setup is a thing of the past. An automatic temperature scanner is better and faster and allows us to keep up with the standard health protocols of social distancing. It also feels friendlier and is non-invasive. You can also see the results faster, so there are fewer incidents of people gathering close together.
  • There’s no human contact. This is one of the biggest benefits of IR scanners. You don’t need to have an employee take your temperature. This only increases the odds of the virus spreading. Thermal cameras ensure no physical contact will happen.
  • You can save on labor and money. Automated temperature screening doesn’t need a supervisor or staff on hand. It’s done from a distance, which saves on manpower.

Best Thermal Scan Thermometer

iProven DMT-489

  • Used for forehead or ear
  • Fast and accurate reading
  • Colored screen for fever warning

This infrared thermometer can measure temperatures on the forehead or in the ear. This dual feature is something most handheld temperature scanners lack. It’s fast. You can get the results of the scan in three seconds. It’s also one of the most accurate ones in the market today. It’s used by many doctor’s offices and has a backlit display so you can read the scans without problems. The display also changes color based on the level of fever. The only negative thing about the iProven is its audible alert. You can’t turn it off. This makes taking a reading on a sleeping patient challenging.

Extech IR200 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

  • Pistol type control
  • Fast reading
  • 32-reading memory
  • Can measure subject from up to 15 centimeters away

This is a good thermometer to use in offices and schools. The pistol design makes it easy to hold and use. It has a measuring range of 5.9 inches, which is five times that of other thermometers. You don’t have to touch the person’s forehead, thus reducing the risk of virus transmission. It has large buttons for controls and an easy-to-read LCD screen. You can also get scan results in seconds.

Infrared Wall Mounted Forehead Thermometer

  • Big display
  • Has bigger range than handheld scanners
  • Good for food outlets, shops, and small offices

A wall-mounted infrared scanner is a necessary addition to your shop as you prepare to reopen. Customers can go to the scanner where they can take their own temperature. It’s non-invasive and will prevent people from gathering in a queue.

It’s easy to use as people only have to stand in front of the scanner. A normal temperature will result in a green light. But the display screen will turn red when someone has a higher than average temperature. A beeping sound will start. You can hang the device on a wall using a nail or hook. You can also connect it to a USB-C lead for charging.

GE Trucheck TM3000

  • Body and surface modes
  • Ambient sensors for extreme accuracy

If you have money to spare, the GE Trucheck is worth every penny. GE’s famous for its high-quality home products and medical equipment. You’re assured of the same durability and style with this thermometer. It’s flexible and is used for checking the body and surface temperature. This means the device is for checking fever as well as surface temperatures like if the milk in your baby’s bottle is too hot. It’s easy to move through its different modes. It provides fast and accurate readings. But you’ll have to wait for 30 seconds before using.

Did the article help you understand thermometers? You’ll also find this post on the right way to check for COVID temperature useful.

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