Uses of Thermal Imaging Guns and Infrared Cameras

Uses of Thermal Imaging Guns and Infrared Cameras

Temperature plays an important role in our lives. Food and medicines will keep longer if stored in the right conditions. Machinery could become damaged if the temperature is either too high or too low. It’s why ensuring the temperature remains at the optimal level is critical.

There are many ways to track temperature. But the most common and effective method in use today is through thermal imaging. Devices like a thermal imaging gun are now a staple in homes, offices, and manufacturing sites. This article will shed some light on thermal imaging and infrared technology.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is the way of getting information using infrared radiation. The thermal energy detected from people and objects is then used to create images. You can see these shapes even in low light or zero visibility conditions.

Thermal imaging technology has developed at a steady pace over the years. It now has a broad range of uses. The medical field is a good example of where thermal imaging is often used. For instance, many facilities now use a thermal temperature scanner. The device can check for COVID temperature.

How does it Work?

Thermal imaging revolves around infrared (IR) energy. Everything emits infrared energy. This is often called the “heat signature” in layman’s terms. The amount of radiation an object gives off is in proportion to its whole temperature.

Thermal imagers are devices with sophisticated heat sensors. It can pick up even the smallest differences in temperature. They’re designed to capture the infrared radiation from objects in a specific environment. They will use the data gathered to create an image. It’s based on the varying temperature measurements.

If you look at a thermal scanner, you will see that the images are in grayscale. The white color shows heat while black is the cold area. The different shades of the gray show the changing temperature gradients. But newer models now show more colors to make identifying objects easier.

Top Uses of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging and infrared technology were first developed for military applications. But it has grown further. Here are some industries where IR scanners and cameras are often used.

· Healthcare Industry

The pandemic shone a spotlight on how thermal imaging technology is now used in a medical setup. Thermal imaging guns are often seen handled by people manning entrances. An elevated temperature is one of the initial symptoms of the coronavirus. Being able to detect individuals who might have a fever is useful in preventing the spread of the virus. Thermal cameras are also used in public places as they can track more people.

A body temperature sensor is also used to help diagnose various disorders. They can detect circulatory problems, arthritis, and back problems.

· First Responders

Thermal imaging has also been a boon to firefighters and law enforcement personnel. The technology helps firefighters see through smoke. It’s also a lifesaver when used in dangerous environments and obscured places. Thermal cameras can also identify a spot fire. This allows firefighters to stop it before it spreads.

Infrared technology is now an essential part of a law enforcement officer’s arsenal. Thermal imagers are now integrated into their surveillance systems. The devices are often used to pinpoint suspects and in search and rescue missions. They’re better than night-vision goggles since they’re not affected by bright lights.

· Transport Industry

IR scanners have also been a big help in the transport and logistics industry. It has allowed maritime vessels to navigate dark waters. Ship captains have an easier and safer time crossing oceans. They can identify other vessels and obstructions without problems.

Thermal cameras are also finding serious use in cars and other vehicles. Infrared scanners can notify drivers if there’s a person or obstacle. They can see beyond where a street light or headlight reaches. This helps keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

Building Construction

The technology is also instrumental in keeping structures safe and sound. Contractors can use IR imaging to show gaps in the insulation. This is crucial in ensuring the atmospheric temperature is stable. The scanners can also pick up problems in the HVAC system. It also shows heat loss from windows, doors, and walls. The loss could mean cracks in the walls or a component that’s not a good fit.

Security Systems

The military has long used thermal imaging in its security systems. You can find IR cameras mounted on vehicles attached to their gear. These same cameras are also used in home and office security. The technology allows the camera to cover even the darkest corners of the property.

Infrared imaging is also used to detect dangerous gas. This type of scanner can be a lifesaver in many industries. It can show the temperature difference of leaking equipment. The early detection of this issue can save lives, property, and money.

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