Covid Temperature Screening Station

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AI Temperature Screening Station For Immediate Covid Temperature Checks

A fully automated solution that creates a safe workspace for employers, employees, clients, and customers.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the globe, it has become more and more expedient to come up with creative solutions that can promote the safety and wellbeing of the workplace. One of such solutions is our very own AI Temperature Screening Station.

At WellHealthWorks, we are all about ensuring a clean bill of health for your workforce. And that’s why we’re proud to step in at this dire time to help ensure that your employees are safe and avidly adhering to the Covid-19 prevention best practices as outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

We provide our AI temperature screening stations designed to automatically take Covid-19 temperature checks for you, your employees, your customers, and anyone else who will be stepping foot into your workplace.

Features of Our Automated Thermal Scanner and Screening Station

This automated solution delivers efficiency and saves valuable time by reducing the need for manual temperature screening. As you may be aware, elevated body temperature is one of the symptoms of Covid-19 infection. For their own protection, employees must subject themselves to a thermal temperature scanner, as well as some other checks to certify that they are Covid-free.

How does our Covid-19 Temperature Screening Station work?

Our automatic Covid-19 temperature screening station works by fitting a smartphone with special thermal and 3D laser cameras. The smartphone camera captures facial features; the thermal camera measures temperatures; and the laser camera measures distance. The AI application then processes and analyzes these inputs based on given testing parameters.

This AI is smart enough to detect facial features from the thermal images captured by the thermal camera, even if the person is wearing spectacles, face masks, and other head coverings. The aim here is to quickly measure the forehead temperature and then compare it against the range of acceptable temperatures. Anything above this range is immediately flagged.

More importantly, the AI system can also provide real-time status reports and updates. This automated solution is capable of screening hundreds of persons in a day.

Setting up a thermal thermometer…

One of the most important elements of a thermal thermometer is the strategic set up of the screening station. As you can imagine, it’s not as simple as buying the cameras and placing them in front of the building. More than anything, it’s important to consider the screening location, as well as the foot traffic flow, to ensure maximum efficiency in the process.

While your building management may have unique features and screening requirements, there are a number of fundamental tenets that should be adhered to when setting up a screening station. These include boldly displayed signage, direction arrows, designated wait areas, queue indicators, and so on.

The aim here is to make sure people waiting to be screened are organized and line up in an orderly fashion, while also maintaining social distancing. We can help you establish the layout for optimal workflow.

Best Practices for Setting Up Your Thermal Temperature Scanner

Screening should ideally be done indoors where room temperature can be maintained
Avoid setting up in areas with lots of direct sunlight, HVAC vent, and other heat sources
Choose a spacious area to maintain social distancing
Screening should be one person at a time
Let people stabilize their skin temperature before being screened
Individuals should face the camera directly from a fixed distance
Offer secondary screening with a thermal thermometer for anyone with elevated skin temperature

Turn to WellHealthWorks today to get started with this thermal temperature scanner solution.

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Optional VirusChain™ software enhanced by WellHealthWorks, LLC allows for multiple employers to use a single terminal with real time alerts, tracking and record keeping capability in a private blockchain network
$1,500 annual certification fee
Nominal administrative fee PEPM depending on company size and options
Private blockchain network that is HIPAA compliant
Integration into security and access control systems
VirusChain™ is portable allowing the employee to maintain the certification

Starting as low as $295 per month with additional multi-unit discounts!

Small Business & Enterprise Level Options Available

Please email us at for more information or dial 833-935-9355 for a discovery call.
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