Biometric Screenings

Get Your Employees on Board for Biometric Screenings

At WellHealthWorks, we believe that successful wellness programs are delivered through tailored, integrated, extensive solutions that are interlinked to an organization’s business strategy. We also believe that biometric screening is an integral part of those solutions.

This clinical screening is performed for employees at their workplace or at a designated lab facility, and is used for identifying and monitoring certain health conditions.

As an employer, you may request these health screenings to establish a baseline assessment of the overall health and wellness of your workforce. It also affords the opportunity to monitor emerging health conditions.

If your organization services an industry that requires physical labor (like manufacturing and construction), a biometric screening can be a great way to improve worker safety and wellbeing by detecting early signs of chronic conditions.

What’s included in the process?

During the screening, our clinicians will administer a variety of tests, including:

Draw blood (finger prick) to measure glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides levels
Capture resting blood pressure rate
Measure height, weight (BMI measurement), and waist circumference
Employees may also be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to capture their medical history or any health issues that they’re currently facing
In most cases, these tests are conducted at the worksite so it is convenient for your employees and there is as little disruption as possible to their work activities for the day. Except in special cases, results are usually delivered right then and there.

Why invest in biometric screenings?

These screenings are often the starting point for any organization looking to cut down on health plan costs. Without an accurate health status baseline of your workforce, it’s extremely difficult to design a health and wellness strategy that works.

A regular assessment of one’s health status can provide valuable insight into existing and potential medical issues, including their risk for preventable diseases. By identifying risk factors early on, employees that need medical attention can get it as soon as possible, as well as have access to strategies for improved health and well-being.

We’ve also partnered with several leading insurance carriers and will take care of the filings processes on your behalf.

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