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    We bring our services to you with our mobile care clinic.
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    We work alongside your insurance carriers to save on costs.
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    We take pride in our combined 65 years of experience in the healthcare industry.
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    Focused on Well-Being

    We align employee wellness programs with your company’s positive culture.
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    We provide the best corporate wellness programs.

    WellHealthWorks is your designated partner when it comes to corporate wellness programs. With decades of health and insurance experience, we provide more than just run of the mill wellness tools. We are the company to call when you’re looking for fully managed, integrated wellness corporate solutions.

    • We partner with insurance carriers
    • Create care plans
    • Administer the shot
    • File claims on your behalf

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    Solutions for workplace wellness programs

    Successful workplace wellness programs have yielded tons of benefits for both employees and employers. Employees are more loyal, more motivated, and more productive when they are well taken care of. On the other hand, employers benefit from much lower health care costs, reduced instances of absenteeism, and improved employee retention. It’s a win across the board!

    Flu Shots

    We will help you stop the spread of…

    Biometric Screening

    Make your employees feel confident about themselves with…

    Covid Testing

    We now offer the convenience of conducting Covid-19…

    Covid Temperature Screening Station

    We provide a safer solution of temperature screening…

    Health Screening

    If you have any questions, or need help,…

    Wellness Screening

    Businesses have saved money on healthcare because of…

    Let’s debunk some health service myths!

    When it comes to health checks and wellness programs like biometric screenings, flu vaccines, and Covid-19 testing, we find that there are a lot of misconceptions and questions. Here we detail what employers and employees need to know about our services.

    Our employees are going back to work the Covid-19 pandemic. What services can you offer us?

    WellHealthWorks serves employer groups by offering on-site Covid-19 pre-work screenings. The screenings include a temperature check and a health screening questionnaire. We also offer FDA-approved Covid-19 antibody testing. The test results come out in just three minutes. This testing determines antibodies present in the body to fight off Covid-19.

    Are your flu shots covered by health insurance plans?

    Yes, most health insurance plans cover the costs of flu shots. As part of our genuine and compassionate service, we will file the claim with your medical insurance carrier so there is usually zero out-of-the-pocket cost to the company or employees that participate. We make everything easy and convenient for you.

    What is an AI Temperature Screening Station?

    It is our fully automated solution for employers to check the temperatures of their employees and guests that come into their office. Our AI Temperature Screening Station is equipped with a high-precision imaging module with a temperature detection range between 90⁰F - 110⁰F and accuracy of ± 0.5⁰. This satisfies the FDA requirement of accuracy level for diagnostic Covid-19 screening. Find out more about this product here.

    Is it legal to host a biometric screening at work?

    It is legal as long as the screening is “reasonably designed to promote health or prevent disease,” according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It’s not legal to do a biometric screening without offering feedback on risk factors. Employers are allowed under law to offer incentives to increase attendance for a biometric screening event, too.

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