Month: May 2021

Burn More Calories and Lose Weight | Well Health Works

5 Tips To Burn More Calories and Lose Weight in 2021

This lockdown forced many of us to stay home for prolonged periods. No gym, no quick jogs in the park, and no public transport that constituted some form of physical activity. Well, it’s 2021 now, and things are slowly picking up in the new normal.  Are you looking to shed…
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5Employees During a Pandemic | Well Health Works

5 Ways To Support Your Employees During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic created uncertainties across the globe. That’s just a light way of saying that so many of us were affected by the pandemic, as well as its resulting consequences — lockdowns, remote working, mandatory distancing, proper protective masks, etc. Many are still reeling from the effects to this…
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Employee Wellness Program Ideas | Well Health Works

Employee Wellness Program Ideas

One of the most welcome developments in corporate culture is the implementation of employee wellness programs. Not only is it crucial to improving the health and morale of their workforce, but employers also enjoy higher productivity levels too. Because of the rising costs of health insurance coupled with the need…
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Recommended Vaccines for Adults | Well Health Works

Recommended Vaccines for Adults

Every year, thousands of adult Americans get sick and are hospitalized from diseases that could have been easily prevented with a vaccine. Infants and toddlers get lots of immunizations, but their parents and other adults often forget that they may need vaccinations too. “Every child has the right to feel…
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Employee Wellness Written on Chalkboard | Well Health Works

Why It’s Important To Invest in Employee Wellness

Even if there was no COVID-19 pandemic, the modern workforce would still be plagued by extreme stress levels and quick burnouts. The American Institute of Stress agrees and has even stated that a whopping 83% of American employees suffer from work-related stress. Additionally, in a recent publication by Harvard Business…
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