Month: December 2021

How Do Thermal Cameras Work | Well Health Works

What You Should Know About Temperature Scanners

Temperature is a key guideline in our daily lives. It affects living things and machines alike. It tells us when something has changed and we should take preventive measures. The recent pandemic is a good example. There was a sharp spike in the use of temperature scanners due to COVID-19.…
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Infrared Thermography | Well Health Works

Infrared Thermography: Understanding Its Types and Uses

Infrared thermography has been around for ages. The technology is now used in many industries, from aeronautics to photography. The ongoing pandemic has made more people around the world aware of it. After all, they’ve been seeing it for months now when they use COVID 19 temperature screening devices. Here’s…
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Thermal Imaging Camera | Well Health Works

Can a Thermal Imaging Camera Help Detect Coronavirus?

Since the start of the pandemic, experts are looking for ways to detect Covid-19. You will notice thermal imaging camera devices popping up in all sorts of public places. Covid-19 symptoms can start anywhere from two days to two weeks after exposure to the virus. One of the said symptoms…
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Cheap Thermal Cameras | Well Health Works

What You Should Know About Cheap Thermal Cameras

Thermal imaging is now part of technical applications in defense and security. It has been for decades now. But the technology is now also used for daily applications. The healthcare sector is one of the main users of thermal imaging. It’s used for early cancer detection. It can also check…
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COVID Body Temperature | Well Health Works

COVID Body Temperature: How to Check It The Right Way

A lot of information about COVID-19 has come to light since the virus was first identified. There are countless pieces of literature and videos about the disease. We have a general idea of its symptoms and the health protocols that we should follow. One primary symptom that people should watch…
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Covid Fever Temperature Range | Well Health Works

What You Need to Know About Covid Fever Temperature Range

Covid-19 is a new infectious disease that continues to wreak havoc across the globe. We don’t know much about it yet. What we do know, however, is that fever often presents as one of its primary symptoms. An elevated temperature is usually a sign that your body is fighting an…
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