Month: January 2022

Thermal Imaging Guns and Infrared Cameras | Well Health Works

Uses of Thermal Imaging Guns and Infrared Cameras

Temperature plays an important role in our lives. Food and medicines will keep longer if stored in the right conditions. Machinery could become damaged if the temperature is either too high or too low. It’s why ensuring the temperature remains at the optimal level is critical. There are many ways…
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Infrared Thermal Imager | Well Health Works

Infrared Thermal Imager: How It Works and Its Many Uses

Everyone wants to see more of the world. We want to see what lies behind a wall or what moves in the forest at night. People can now do that, thanks to thermal imaging devices. Thermal imaging is the process of changing infrared (IR) radiation or heat into images. You…
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Infrared Thermal Cameras | Well Health Works

Choosing the Best Infrared Thermal Cameras for Your Business

An infrared thermal camera refers to a non-contact device that detects infrared energy or heat, which is then converted to a visual image. It is far more different from your traditional camera. A regular camera works in such a way that the visible light energy hits a surface, bounces and…
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habits of happy people | Well Health Works

Habits of Happy People, Guide for Employees

It is a fact that when your employees are happy, they tend to be more productive both with their professional and personal lives. But what are the habits of happy people? How can you ensure that your team members are living a well-balanced life? At the end of the day,…
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Standing Temperature Scanner | Well Health Works

Why You Should Choose a Standing Temperature Scanner

Temperature scanners are a big part of our daily lives. But most people don’t notice it. It’s there in our microwaves and water heaters. It’s a key component of the surveillance cameras that guard our homes and offices. Companies like Well Health Works also use them to ensure employees are…
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Thermal Imaging | Well Health Works

Can Thermal Imaging See Through Walls?

Let’s answer this question, can thermal imaging see through walls? This article will enlighten you with the most important information about thermal imaging. That way, you can further understand what it is all about and even its benefits to the contemporary world. Many people wonder if thermal imaging can see…
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What is Infrared Used For | Well Health Works

What is Infrared Used For?

Infrared technology has been an integral part of many industries for decades now. It’s only when the pandemic started that consumers understood its impact on their lives. The infrared thermometers and COVID 19 temperature scanners are now used everywhere. They have emphasized the power and possibilities of technology. What’s Infrared…
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pcr test | Well Health Works

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