Month: April 2022

What Is a Molecular Test | Well Health Works

What Is a Molecular Test and How It’s Important in Detecting Covid-19

Molecular Covid-19 tests are usually designed to detect an active infection with SARS-CoV-2. This is the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. PCR and other molecular tests are crucial. That’s because they help determine if a person has an active infection of the coronavirus. Molecular tests are also often used for diagnosis,…
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Healthy Grocery Store Snacks | Well Health Works

Healthy Grocery Store Snacks You Should Try Now!

As a result of our propensity to satisfy our hunger pangs between meals with empty-calorie snacks like candy or chips, snacking has received a bad rap. In order to stave off hunger and maintain a high level of energy when your stomach starts growling hours before your next meal, a…
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COVID and low body temperature | Well Health Works

Understanding COVID and Low Body Temperature

The worry that a pandemic would devastate the world isn’t new. It’s why the World Health Organization has worked with many countries. They’re trying to contain viruses like SARS. COVID-19 was the realization of their worst fears. It also caught the whole world unprepared. Scientists and medical professionals have been…
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Mental Health Screening | Well Health Works

Mental Health Screening and Its Importance to Your Business

Allow us to reiterate the importance of mental health screening for your company. A few years ago, an employee shot multiple coworkers at a Kansas factory. Three were killed. Sad to say, similar cases have been reported throughout the years. While there are different reasons for the shooting, one thing…
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pcr test | Well Health Works

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