5 Tips To Burn More Calories and Lose Weight in 2021

5 Tips To Burn More Calories and Lose Weight in 2021

This lockdown forced many of us to stay home for prolonged periods. No gym, no quick jogs in the park, and no public transport that constituted some form of physical activity. Well, it’s 2021 now, and things are slowly picking up in the new normal.  Are you looking to shed those “stuck at home” calories? 

If so, this is the sign that you should start now. Remember that the older you grow, the harder it is to burn those calories. So, before you wait for the next health screening, check out our top five tips to help you get back on track and reach that goal weight this 2021:

Best tips to help you reach your goal weight

Have the Mindset First

Remember that you didn’t gain that weight overnight. During the lockdown, you’ve probably enjoyed your late-night snacks and binge eating to beat the boredom of staying at home. Now that you’ve realized that you’ve gained weight, there must be an urge to lose some weight before you start with your fitness plans.

Motivation is key to a successful weight loss plan. It will help you finish your workout circuits and maintain your diet. That’s the secret behind everything. So is discipline. Without disciplines, your workouts will likely be on and off, and you’ll probably finish one tub of Ben and Jerry’s right after. 

Before you start thinking about doing some at-home push-ups and squats (both fantastic workouts, by the way), make sure you have the right mindset first.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Considering that you’re staying at home due to lockdowns and movement restrictions, you could give intermittent fasting a try. It is an excellent way to lose calories since you’re eating in between set intervals.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet plan but an organized eating schedule. The good thing about this is that you can eat the food you want as long as it’s within the feasting interval. Once you enter the fasting interval, you’ll not be allowed to consume anything except water. Intermittent fasting causes your body to use up stored fat and turn it into energy. 

Word of caution, however. As much as possible, avoid overeating during the feasting interval. Keep your meals balanced, and eat your veggies as well.

Consider High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a workout pattern that involves short bursts of intense exercise and low-intensity recovery periods. Engaging in HIIT workouts will burn down the extra calories from the quarter-pounder burger you ate last night. 

The good thing about HIIT is that it burns more calories in just a short amount of time, provided that you follow the level of exercise intensity. This workout pattern also helps you improve your endurance and cardiovascular health. 

There are many HIIT workout circuits on the Internet, and you can do most of them at home. Even if you don’t have any workout equipment at home, search “HIIT workout with no equipment” on Google, and you’ll see that there are tons of ways to lose weight without buying gym equipment.

Be Consistent With Your Workouts

It will take some time for your body to adjust to the effects of your weight loss plan. At some point, you might even hit a plateau, and it feels like you’re not losing any more weight despite your intense routines. 

You reach this stage when your body has already adjusted to the level of activity you do every day, including your workouts. In other words, your body already knows how to allocate resources based on your daily activity.

However, don’t lose hope. Consistency is crucial to the weight loss process. Being consistent means that you follow your routine every day like clockwork. No slacking off, no making up excuses, no cheat meals!

Consult a Healthcare Professional

Consulting a family doctor or a nutrition doctor can help you get on the right track. Medical professionals can provide expert opinions on your current situation and recommend the best diet and workout plans for you. 

Moreover, visiting a healthcare professional is needed if you have existing medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, or asthma. 

Nonetheless, you can still visit your doctor even if you don’t have existing medical conditions. In fact, going to your doctor before starting your fitness journey can be of great help, as they can give valuable advice on what kind of workouts your body can take. 

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