5 Ways To Support Your Employees During a Pandemic

5 Ways To Support Your Employees During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic created uncertainties across the globe. That’s just a light way of saying that so many of us were affected by the pandemic, as well as its resulting consequences — lockdowns, remote working, mandatory distancing, proper protective masks, etc. Many are still reeling from the effects to this day. 

But even though COVID-19 made things more complicated and more challenging to conduct business with clients and customers, now more than ever, you should understand the importance of the continued welfare of your employees. Your employees are the backbone of your business. And it’s safe to assume that in one or more ways, the pandemic affected them too. 

With that in mind, here are five ways to support your workforce during this crippling pandemic:

Effective ways to support your workforce

Strengthen Your Bond With Employees

Everyone goes through internal pressures and problems outside the workplace—some more than others. Fostering a strong bond with your employees can be a great way to give them some respite from all of these everyday issues. Build rapport, maintain trust, and share the journey. 

There’s no better time to start than now as most people are still required to work remotely or have simply realized the benefits and decided to stay home to work. It means fewer physical interactions among departments. Less banter, more occasional face-to-face greetings — before you know it, your regular zoom meetings have become a snoozefest.  Strengthen that bond today. 

You can bond with employees more by hosting impromptu parties and events, eating lunch with them, or inviting them to dinner. Make time to talk to employees personally. It’s a big ask for any business owner, but you’ll agree that a healthy, dedicated workforce is the key to success. 

Loosen Up a Little Bit

Being too strict at work will not make your employees do better at their jobs. Instead, they’ll feel bad or scared to do bold things or try new stuff at work. Instead of respecting you, they’ll fear or resent you, and it’ll halt their growth as a professional. 

In this time of COVID-19, you should remember that everyone’s having a hard time. As much as possible, don’t add to your employees’ stress. Be considerate of their situations. For instance, you could allow work-from-home setups. Keep their workloads at a moderate level. 

When they commit mistakes, work with them towards a lasting solution. If they make the same mistakes repeatedly, take the higher road and ask them if something is bothering them. Chances are a personal problem might be affecting the quality of their work.

Involve Employees in Decision Making

Employees like to be involved in decision-making. It makes them feel that they’re a part of the team and not just someone who accomplishes paperwork. Even though it’s not a requirement to involve them in decision-making, you can carry them along. Let them know why you are towing this path.

It helps bring everybody in on your vision. If you won’t share your vision with your employees, who will you share it with? 

You can also let them decide on small matters related to daily operations. For example, you can consult your employees’ opinions regarding equipment acquisition. Let’s say you’re planning to buy a new office printer. Ask your employees what they want and engage the help of those who use the printers on a regular basis. With that simple act, you involve them in decision-making, and it helps increase morale.

Provide Healthcare Necessities As Needed

Are you concerned about the health of your employees? And you should be. 

You can provide regular health checkups or company-sponsored flu shots for their safety and protection against known illnesses. During this time, your employees’ safety from COVID-19 is your top priority. If they acquire the virus, it puts you and the rest of the team at risk, and it will almost definitely temporarily shut down your office operations. 

You can sponsor frequent swab tests for everyone’s safety at work as long as your company’s finances can sustain it. If you’re eyeing this, you can consult Well Health Works. We offer tailored employee wellness programs for companies just like yours. 

Consider Your Employees’ Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorders often don’t manifest physically. Your employees may look happy on the outside, but they may be battling various stuff internally. Be a kind employer always. 
Call us now at 833-935-9355 or email us at phearn@wellhealthworks.com to get started on a customized employee wellness plan for your workforce. We offer various solutions, such as biometric screenings, workplace COVID temperature screenings, and even on-site COVID testing.

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