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Employee Testing

The CDC has asked employers to “screen staff for fevers & respiratory symptoms before entering the workplace.”

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Introducing . . . AI Temperature Screening Station

A fully automated solution that creates a safe workspace for employers, employees, clients and customers.

  • 7″ inch high definition LDC display
  • Built-in, non-contact, high-precision thermal imaging module with temperature detection range between 90 °F – 110 °F, and accuracy of ± 0.5 °F (satisfies FDA requirement of accuracy level for diagnostic COVID19 screening)
  • Human body temperature detection with superimposed display and voice broadcasting
  • Face mask identification, and facial recognition options
  • Private blockchain, HIPAA compliant software provides real-time records, alerts, tracking of screening and subsequent testing

Starting as low as $295 per month with additional multi unit discounts!


  • Optional VirusChain™ software enhanced by WellHealthWorks, LLC allows for multiple employers to use a single terminal with real time alerts, tracking and record keeping capability in a private blockchain network
  • $1,500 annual certification fee
  • Nominal administrative fee PEPM depending on company size and options
  • Private blockchain network that is HIPAA compliant
  • Integration into security and access control systems
  • VirusChain™ is portable allowing the employee to maintain the certification

Small Business & Enterprise Level Options Available

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