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Body Temperature App | Well Health Works

Most Popular and Best Body Temperature App for Android and iOS

Workplace temperature testing is becoming more common due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Several medical experts have explained the importance of tracking your body temperature. After all, a person’s body temperature says a lot about their health. Fever is the best example as it is the most common form of increased…
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Infrared Cameras for Sale | Well Health Works

Infrared Cameras for Sale: Tips Before Buying One

An infrared camera, also known as a thermal imaging camera, is a good investment, especially if you are in an industry that finds having one super beneficial. These cameras were costly before, but now, their prices have dramatically fallen over the past few years. However, even if that’s the case,…
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How A Body Thermal Scan Works | Well Health Works

How A Body Thermal Scan Works And Why Thermography Is Important

Become familiar with thermography (also known as medical thermal imaging or thermal body scan), a high-tech, non-invasive screening tool that can detect inflammation. When it comes to spotting potential health issues, early detection is critical. Learn the basics of how a thermal body scan works here. In reality, how many…
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Body Heat Detection Scanners | Well Health Works

Everything You Need To Know About Body Heat Detection Scanners

Should you use body heat detection scanners for covid detection? Find out here! Many health systems have installed body heat detection scanners at their busiest facilities in order to keep an eye on current pandemic precautions and possible future threats. It is easy to identify people with high temperatures, such…
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FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Imaging Camera | Well Health Works

Thermal Imaging Camera Price And Everything You Need To Know

In case you didn’t know, thermal energy is emitted by everything around us, both living and nonliving. Seeing thermal energy would make life a lot easier, but unfortunately, it isn’t possible. That’s why having a thermal imaging camera in your professional toolkit or personal toolkit is a necessity. When using…
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What Does Infrared Look Like | Well Health Works

What Does Infrared Look Like?

Did you ever wonder how vampire bats or pit vipers could see in the dark? These animals can see infrared light. They use it to feel their surroundings and seek out their prey. Like humans, they don’t have the ability to see infrared using their eyes. Snakes and bats have…
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What is an IR Camera | Well Health Works

What is an IR Camera and Why You Should Have One

Infrared cameras have come a long way. It’s now very different from the night-vision goggles we’d see heroes use on TV shows from our childhood. These cameras are now used in many industries. You can see them in hospitals and home security systems. Companies like Well Health Works include them…
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Face Temperature Scanner | Well Health Works

Everything You Need To Know About Face Temperature Scanner

How much do you know about face temperature scanners? If you plan to get one right now, this post is for you. In today’s age, businesses have heightened their security, not just in terms of physical damages or loss. Because of the pandemic, the need to secure preventive health measures…
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pcr test | Well Health Works

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