Benefits of Nature: How It Impacts Our Wellbeing

Benefits of Nature: How It Impacts Our Wellbeing

Nature is all around us, and it provides us with everything that we need to live. The forests, bodies of water, and soils cater to our necessities, such as clean air, water, food, clothing, and habitat. But, there are more benefits of nature than just giving us these things. It can also be good for our emotional and mental well-being.

What Are The Benefits of Nature?

Living in a busy city and having a quick-paced life can be physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Studies show that people living in cities are more affected by stress and mental health problems- this is why it is essential that every once in a while, people take a break from their city life and go someplace peaceful and quieter.

Reconnecting with nature has a lot of benefits. Here is a list:

  • Nature Relieves Stress

Imagine coming from a hectic day with many meetings, arguments, and misunderstandings. Wouldn’t that make you feel stressed and physically and emotionally drained?

Then imagine taking a quick break in a place filled with trees, where you can breathe fresh air and listen to the mellow chirping of birds. That would be refreshing and rejuvenating, right?

Based on a study in 2019, being in nature for at least 20 minutes can help reduce stress hormone levels. This stress reduction has been proven by measuring cortisol levels in 36 people before and after being immersed in nature.

  • Nature Heals

Many people who once lived in the city transferred to someplace closer to nature when they got sick. The reason behind this is that nature is therapeutic.

Being in nature can reduce anger, anxiety, fear, and stress- the most significant factors contributing to our low quality of life. Nature makes us feel better, and it can have a good impact on our blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. Aside from that, it can even reduce the mortality rate as studied by experts.

Furthermore, nature offers fresher air because it’s away from pollution and has plants that provide natural air purification- this is why many people who are asthmatic and have lung problems choose to live closer to it.

  • Nature Can Help Alleviate Pain

One of the fantastic benefits of nature is that it can help us cope with pain. The scientific explanation behind this is that we are genetically programmed to find elements of nature, such as plants, flowers, trees, skies, and waters, to be fascinating. Thus, we become absorbed by them whenever we witness them, which distracts us from our discomfort and pain.

Robert Ulrich is one of the many physicians who studied this excellent benefit of nature. He places patients who underwent gallbladder surgery in different rooms. Half of them had a view of trees, while the other half only had walls.

The patients who could see the trees tolerated pain better than those who didn’t. Nurses also said that these patients encountered fewer adverse effects and spent less time in the hospital.

  • Nature Can Contribute to Improved Memory, Focus, and Other Cognitive Functions

Another one of the benefits of nature is helping improve cognitive functions. In a study from the University of Michigan, some students took a stroll in nature. When they were given a memory test, the group that took a walk in nature performed 20% better than the other group.

Many other studies show how green spaces can help children’s cognitive development and self-control. Besides that, adults assigned in public housing units who have more access to nature show better attentional focusing than those assigned to units with less access to natural environments. These studies showed that spending time in nature can be a balm for our busy brains.

  • Nature Can Make Us Happier and Healthier

Studies show that contact with nature can increase our happiness because we feel psychologically restored after being immersed in it.

Aside from that, being in nature can also make us healthier. Stress levels can affect our immune system, and because nature has a way of reducing our cortisol levels, it can also indirectly impact our immunity levels.

Moreover, we can also get natural vitamins and minerals from nature. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber, vitamins A, B, and C. Besides that, we can get Vitamin D from sunlight.

  • Nature Can Keep You Youthful

Because nature can make us happier and less stressed, it can also help us maintain our youth. Studies show that people who spend more time in nature look younger.

Furthermore, the natural Vitamin D that we can get from the sun helps keep our skin look healthier. In addition to that, we can also get Vitamin E from the nuts that we can find from sunflowers and almond trees.

  • Nature Can Help in Weight Loss

Exercising in nature makes the activity more enjoyable and peaceful. Some studies show that people become more motivated to exercise when the natural environment surrounds them. Aside from that, being in a place with greeneries makes breathing better because the air in nature is less polluted than the air in the city.

Be Closer to Nature

Now that you know the many benefits of nature, you might want to spend a little time every once in a while to reconnect with it and appreciate its beauty. You can also have your own nature in your space by having more greeneries, such as ornamental plants. Having such can boost your morale, improve your mood, and make you healthier.

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