Most Popular and Best Body Temperature App for Android and iOS

Most Popular and Best Body Temperature App for Android and iOS

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Workplace temperature testing is becoming more common due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Several medical experts have explained the importance of tracking your body temperature. After all, a person’s body temperature says a lot about their health. Fever is the best example as it is the most common form of increased body temperature.

Measuring a person’s body temperature is vital in medicine. Several diseases are often characterized by a change in body temperature. Measuring body temperature allows the doctor to analyze the effectiveness of treatments. This article will tell you why you should track your body temperature and what is the best health app to use.

Why Tracking Your Body Temperature is Important

Measuring temperature depends on which body part you will take the measurement from. Because of that, there is no general normal temperature, contrary to popular opinion. Moreover, the body temperature of a healthy person changes throughout the day. It often depends on what activities an individual undertakes.

Do you need to measure your body temperature? Yes, you do, especially with the ongoing health issue called the Covid-19 pandemic.

Your body temperature can give you an early warning sign of infection. Fever, for example, is one of your body’s first reactions to infection. It is also common in illnesses like influenza and Covid-19. As such, even when you’re healthy, you should still keep track of your body temperature. This can help detect disease early and help you know if it’s okay for you to go to work or school.

Medical experts recommend taking your temperature twice daily and around the same time. It should be once in the morning within 30 minutes of waking. Take your measurement again in the evening at the same time. If you want the best results, you should use the same thermometer for each reading. Make sure to avoid eating or drinking anything hot or cold for at least 15 minutes beforehand. Moreover, don’t take your body temperature immediately after exercising.

You can track your temperature on a notepad or on a confidential tracking app. This way, you can see your results over time and note any variations as soon as they appear. If you have a fever, you should stay home and track your symptoms. Do the same thing if you notice any abnormalities based on your usual results. Don’t forget to call a doctor if you need to.

Most Well-known and Best Body Temperature App for Android and iOS

An average person’s temperature is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius. But the temperature of an individual can go up a lot when they are sick.

Checking your body temperature is vital nowadays, especially with the ongoing pandemic. But what if you don’t have a thermometer on hand? In the current digital age, developers have created body temperature apps for smartphones.

Here is a list of the best body temperature app you might want to install on your iOS or Android devices:

● iThermonitor

This application is one of the top choices for people looking for a thermometer app. This app’s interface shows a gorgeous and intuitive display. Moreover, it is not only limited to straight temperature checks. It also charts and logs repeated temperature measurements. It even graphs the progression of a fever. This way, a patient can share the trended fever information with a physician.

You can set this app to always collect temperature. The period between is as short as four seconds. iThermonitor also conducts a professional analysis of the body temperatures. It uses its association collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital.

● Smart Thermometer

Several thermometer apps focus on ambient temperature approximation. The Smart Thermometer app’s focal point is getting precise readouts. It is intuitive in its UI interface.

This application can check temperatures at regular intervals. It is also capable of charting a temperature history. Doing this, it helps you and your physician to analyze the temperature trend.


This body temperature app converts your smartphone into a multi-use thermometer. iCelsius records the temperature data. It graphs this data for analysis by the user or their physician. This app can also measure body temperature for devices with a temp sensor. It can inform you when it is too high or too low with indicators.

Moreover, you can use this application to figure out the temp of household appliances. This also includes cooking ingredients, tea, coffee, and wine.

● Fever Tracker

This app can measure body temperatures in two easy steps. The user only needs to press their finger on a fingerprint scanning image. Then, the application gathers the necessary information. This app will track the fever history and present it for analysis by your physician.

● Thermometer & Hygrometer

Are you looking for an app that measures the ambient temp and humidity levels and wind speed? The Thermometer & Hygrometer app is the one you want. This application enables you to get the temperature levels of your local area. It can also get the percentage levels of humidity. It is in both Fahrenheit and Celsius readouts.

Keep in mind that the temp the app provided is usually based on geographical location. As such, it will not display room temperature.

● Thermo

This easy-to-use app allows you to search for temperatures in different locations. It will be based on a geographical location in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. By sharing your location, the app allows a quick return of temps in the region. This app can also read body temps for devices that have body temp measuring capability.

● Finger Body Temperature

This application operates by opening it and placing your finger on the phone to get a temp readout. It makes collecting your body temperature easy and intuitive.

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