Can Thermal Imaging See Through Walls?

Can Thermal Imaging See Through Walls?

Let’s answer this question, can thermal imaging see through walls?

This article will enlighten you with the most important information about thermal imaging. That way, you can further understand what it is all about and even its benefits to the contemporary world.

Many people wonder if thermal imaging can see through walls. The quick answer is No. So if you’ve seen a movie depicting such, you know that those aren’t accurate. If you must know, walls are mostly thick and insulated enough, and these could block infrared radiation right away.

Assuming that you point your thermal camera to the wall, it will likely detect the heat from the wall. However, it will not be able to detect the heat from what’s behind it.

Where Are Thermal Imaging Used First?

Initially, thermal cameras were used by the U.S. military, and then as more industries saw its benefits, firefighters started using these as well. Right now, companies are using thermal imaging to screen people’s surface skin temperature. With the pandemic still very much alive, it is a must that you consider having thermal cameras installed in your place of business as well.

As we all know, fever detection is said to be the first line of defense to avoid COVID-19 infection. If proper temperature screening is implemented in your workplace, you can decrease the number of people affected by the virus.

How Does A Thermal Imaging Camera Work?

Thermal cameras are also known as infrared or IR cameras. It’s a powerful device that can detect heat as it bounces off an object. We’ve already answered if thermal cameras can work through walls, but let’s address more questions.

Can It Work in a Fog or Smoke?

Yes. A thermal camera can detect heat amidst smoke or fog. Remember, the hotter the object, the more it produces electromagnetic radiation. Now, smoke or fog has particles smaller than the wavelength of infrared, so it shouldn’t be an obstruction for thermal cameras.

Can It Work in the Dark?

Yes. Even in the absence of light, thermal cameras could still be helpful. This is the exact reason why the device is used by security and the police force. It could easily pick up any part of a human body as long as there is no solid material blocking it.

Can It Work on Glass?

No. When you point a thermal camera at a window, the image won’t be clear. It would be blurry and will show you inaccurate readings.

Benefits of Thermal Cameras

One of the advantages of using thermal imaging is that you can measure someone’s temperature without being close to another person. This means there’s a lesser chance of transmitting the virus.

Another benefit is that thermal cameras are known to measure temperature faster than other traditional thermometers. This makes it a more practical solution for areas with high traffic. Think about airports, malls, and even huge commercial buildings.

Lastly, when you set up and use the thermal camera properly, you can get accurate temperatures.

Limitations of Using Thermal Cameras

Like all equipment, there are limitations that you should consider before installing thermal cameras. Like all equipment, there are limitations that you should consider before installing thermal cameras.

Most thermal cameras can measure the surface skin temperature, usually lower than the temperature measured orally. As a solution, you can adjust your thermal camera to show the correct readings.

Another limitation is that when a person wears a scarf or a hat, they could register a high temperature. The same goes for a person who just worked out or took a hot shower.

Always remember, there are other factors that can affect one’s temperature.

Using Thermal Imaging for Work

Today, most business establishments use thermal cameras. We’re not just talking about security and similar purposes. As we’ve said, these devices are now helpful because of the COVID-19 situation.

As much as possible, it is highly recommended for business establishments to check the surface skin temperature of both their employees and customers.

Below are a few tips summarizing how to use thermal cameras for workplaces. These are important to avoid inaccurate results and legal implications.

  • Know which persons need to be checked and where to set up the thermal camera.
  • Advise your employees that a new system will be in place and share the policies.
  • Educate employees on why there is a need to have thermal cameras.
  • Keep the results confidential.
  • If someone registers as feverish, reconfirm using a forehead thermometer.
  • The person assigned to operate the system should wear PPE.

Remember that in some states, there are legal limitations when using a thermal camera. Make sure that you understand and follow the rules.

Choosing the Right Thermal Imaging for Work

There are several thermal cameras available today and it could be tempting to get the first device you see. The danger there is that your chosen equipment might not address your needs.

Before buying a thermal camera for your business, you should consider the price, accuracy, speed, and crowd detection. You can find hand-held thermometers or high-volume temperature scanners. Evaluate which one is more appropriate for your business needs. And as always, get devices from credible suppliers.

You can talk to experts such as the Well Health Works team to determine the best solutions that could protect your employees.

Checking Body Temperature Is Not the Only Thing

It’s great if you consider getting a thermal camera for your business. But that’s not the only precaution you should implement to ensure employee safety. Remember that other COVID-19 patients do not have symptoms at all. As an added protection, you could rearrange your office desks or release a memo to stay at home for any type of symptoms.

Today, we need to adjust ways to continue operating the business while protecting our employees. Systems and new protocols should be in place.

Get Help From Corporate Health Experts

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