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How Do Thermal Cameras Work?

The onset of Covid-19 has changed the way we conduct business. Employers have to take measures to keep their workforce safe from the virus. One way to do this is to watch out for the common symptoms of Covid-19 and quickly isolate employees who might have the virus and prevent it from spreading to other […]
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How Dangerous is COVID-19 to People with Disabilities | Well Health Works

How Dangerous is COVID-19 to People with Disabilities?

People with disabilities already face stigma and discrimination. They are facing even more challenges as the virus continues to wreak havoc across the world. COVID is deadly to everyone. But older adults and children are more susceptible to it. So are the disabled and those with underlying conditions. There are 61 million adults and more […]
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Update on COVID-19 Vaccines | Well Health Works

Update on COVID-19 Vaccines

The COVID-19 pandemic blew through the world, forever changing so many aspects of our everyday lives. Thankfully, vaccines have been rolled out. In fact, a few countries have vaccinated most of their population and are nearing herd immunity. Some countries have even started to relax their laws on social distancing and the mandatory wearing of […]
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What You Can Do to Avoid Coronavirus | Well Health Works

What You Can Do to Avoid Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Governments implemented a lockdown on a global scale as millions died because of it. Healthcare workers suffered during the first wave. Many of whom lost their lives while serving others. Today, we see vaccines rolled out to help stem the tide. But aside from that, […]
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Update on the Covid-19 Vaccine (Things You Need to Know) | Well Health Works

Update on the Covid-19 Vaccine (Things You Need to Know)

As the Covid vaccine roll-out continues, people across the United States are receiving the jab to protect themselves and their loved ones from contracting the deadly virus. The mass vaccination presents a great opportunity to cover some updates regarding its efficacy and many other things you need to know. Whether you’re still unvaccinated, just had […]
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Industries Where Regular Covid-19 Testing Is Needed | Well Health Works

Industries Where Regular Covid-19 Testing Is Needed

The world may seem to halt because of Covid-19. For some industries, however, it’s business as usual. It simply won’t be sustainable for countries to put a complete stop to certain sectors. Since the start of the pandemic, many of these sectors have proven to be essential for our society. That’s why stakeholders in these […]
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