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COVID Temperature Limit | Well Health Works

Is COVID Temperature Limit a Reliable Indicator?

Everybody gets a fever from time to time. A fever is one of the methods the body uses to fight an infection. It’s also one of the symptoms of COVID-19. Someone exposed to the coronavirus might experience fever. It can appear anywhere from two days to two weeks after exposure.…
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COVID and low body temperature | Well Health Works

Understanding COVID and Low Body Temperature

The worry that a pandemic would devastate the world isn’t new. It’s why the World Health Organization has worked with many countries. They’re trying to contain viruses like SARS. COVID-19 was the realization of their worst fears. It also caught the whole world unprepared. Scientists and medical professionals have been…
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Fever For Covid | Well Health Works

What Is Considered Fever For Covid

COVID-19 can take anywhere from two days to two weeks for any of the symptoms to occur, including fever, to begin with. In fact, an elevated temperature is a common symptom of a virus or bacteria infection. Since it’s a common sign of COVID-19, those who suffer from it are…
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How High is COVID Fever | Well Health Works

How High is COVID Fever and How to Treat It

A fever is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. Your doctor will tell you that it is one part of your immune system’s response. It is your body trying to kill a bacteria or infection. It’s a very normal occurrence. You might even get several fevers…
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COVID Low Body Temperature | Well Health Works

Using Thermal Scanners to Check COVID Low Body Temper

The coronavirus brought many countries and the World Health Organization scrambling. They had to come up with ways to manage the virus and keep people safe. The challenge is even harder due to the fact that these procedures should be easy to do and inexpensive. Measuring body temperature using non-contact…
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Thermal Imaging Guns and Infrared Cameras | Well Health Works

Uses of Thermal Imaging Guns and Infrared Cameras

Temperature plays an important role in our lives. Food and medicines will keep longer if stored in the right conditions. Machinery could become damaged if the temperature is either too high or too low. It’s why ensuring the temperature remains at the optimal level is critical. There are many ways…
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Infrared Thermal Imager | Well Health Works

Infrared Thermal Imager: How It Works and Its Many Uses

Everyone wants to see more of the world. We want to see what lies behind a wall or what moves in the forest at night. People can now do that, thanks to thermal imaging devices. Thermal imaging is the process of changing infrared (IR) radiation or heat into images. You…
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Infrared Thermal Cameras | Well Health Works

Choosing the Best Infrared Thermal Cameras for Your Business

An infrared thermal camera refers to a non-contact device that detects infrared energy or heat, which is then converted to a visual image. It is far more different from your traditional camera. A regular camera works in such a way that the visible light energy hits a surface, bounces and…
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Standing Temperature Scanner | Well Health Works

Why You Should Choose a Standing Temperature Scanner

Temperature scanners are a big part of our daily lives. But most people don’t notice it. It’s there in our microwaves and water heaters. It’s a key component of the surveillance cameras that guard our homes and offices. Companies like Well Health Works also use them to ensure employees are…
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pcr test | Well Health Works

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