Coronavirus Antibody Test

What Is Coronavirus Antibody Testing?

Coronavirus antibody testing is also known as a serology test or blood test. It is used to detect antibodies formed by your immune system when exposed to a pathogen. That is your body’s way of fighting off infection by building immunity. The test does not detect the virus itself, but rather if you’ve had a past Covid-19 infection by forming antibodies against it.

The Coronavirus antibody testing works by having a healthcare worker obtain your blood. The blood sample will then be processed and tested for antibodies specific to Covid-19. It will look for IgM antibodies formed earlier during an infection, and IgG formed later on. Antibody testing can give you an idea if you were exposed to the Coronavirus but were asymptomatic.

Should I Get a Covid 19 Antibody Test?

If you think you should get a Covid 19 antibody test, you should discuss it with your healthcare practitioner to arrive at the appropriate test for you. Antibody testing for Covid 19 applies to people who believe they were exposed to the virus. If you reside in or have traveled to a place where there is a high transmission of the virus if you were in close contact with a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patient.

An antibody test can also be taken by people who are convalescing from the virus. People exposed to the virus have experienced several symptoms like dry cough and loss of taste or smell. Fever is also one of the common symptoms. Checking for covid temperature using a thermometer can be done at home. If you are experiencing these or more symptoms, it is advisable to self-isolate immediately.

WellHealthWorks provides all the Covid-19 diagnostic and antibody tests needed for a safe workplace. We also administer Coronavirus tests at your workplace for your convenience. Medical professionals do the tests, so you’ll be at ease knowing that your test results are delivered accurately and on time.


Are There Concerns About Covid Antibody Testing Accuracy?

There are some points to take note of when considering Covid antibody testing accuracy. Testing positive for an antibody test may mean that you were infected with Covid before and have formed immunity against the virus. However, you may also get a negative result even if you were exposed to the virus, especially if you’ve only had it for a short time.

There is also a possibility of contracting the virus and not developing antibodies against it. You may also get a false positive result, where you have developed antibodies for a different Coronavirus.

How is a PCR test for Coronavirus performed?
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Some FAQs About Antibody Test for Coronavirus

If my antibody test for Coronavirus tests positive, does that mean I’m immune to the virus?

A positive antibody test for Coronavirus doesn’t necessarily mean you are immune from the virus. Since Covid-19 is a new virus and hasn’t been extensively studied yet by experts, we still don’t know if having antibodies against Covid-19 will prevent reinfection. It’s also not an indicator of whether you are infectious to other people.

What does a negative result for a rapid blood test for Covid 19 mean?

A negative result from a rapid blood test for Covid 19 means that you were not infected with the virus. It’s also possible that you were infected before, but your body didn’t form antibodies, or the antibodies formed are too minute to be detected by the test. It’s still too early to know if people infected with Covid 19 will develop enough antibodies.

How do I know if I need an antibody Covid blood test?

You may need to discuss with a healthcare practitioner whether you’ll be needing an antibody Covid blood test done. Your healthcare practitioner will have sufficient details about your medical history and general health to come up with test requests that are appropriate for you.

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