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What Are Covid-19 Rapid Tests?

Rapid Covid 19 tests are one of the diagnostic tests used in detecting the Coronavirus in a patient. A nasopharyngeal swab is taken from the patient as a test specimen. Covid-19 rapid tests are also known as coronavirus antigen tests because they try to detect the viral antigen present in the sample. These tests are designed to find specific proteins on the surface of the Coronavirus.

 Rapid Covid-19 tests are given that name because they don’t require a lab, and you can obtain results in as little as thirty minutes, possibly even less. The test is encased in a small cassette, much like a home pregnancy test kit. Covid-19 rapid tests work by mixing the sample with a solution that’s meant to release the specific viral proteins. They work by applying lateral flow technology.

The combined sample and solution are then placed on a paper strip filled with antibodies that specifically bind to the viral antigen if the antigen is found in the sample. A test band will show if it’s a positive result.

Is a Rapid Test for Covid 19 Reliable?

A rapid test for Covid 19 can be reliable when done correctly and within the correct time frame of an active infection. Rapid tests tend to produce false negative results, especially when the viral load in the sample is not that detectable yet because the patient hasn’t reached the peak of the infection. The quality of the specimen procured and its storage and transport can also affect the rapid test’s result.

When a rapid test for Covid 19 tests negative for the virus, but the result is not consistent with the symptoms, your physician will most likely order a PCR test for confirmation. However, since rapid tests are more affordable and have a faster turnaround time, repeated testing can be used as a strategy since the viral load increases as the infection reaches its peak.

At WellHealthWorks, we provide accurate Covid 19 tests to employers and their employees. Healthcare professionals do the tests to ensure that the correct protocol has been used in performing the tests. We are committed to providing peace of mind for your workplace.

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Some FAQs About Rapid Testing for Covid 19

What are the advantages of rapid testing for Covid 19?

Rapid testing for Covid 19 is cheaper than the PCR test, which is another diagnostic test for Covid. You can also receive your test results immediately, compared to the PCR test, whose samples are processed in the lab, and the results will likely take hours or days before you get them. Rapid testing for Covid 19 is easy to use and doesn’t require special instruments or skilled technicians. Thus, they can be performed in a clinic or a hospital.

Who should get rapid coronavirus testing?

Rapid coronavirus testing is more suitable for patients who are manifesting symptoms of Covid 19. At this stage of the infection, the viral load likely is enough to be detected accurately by the test.

If I tested negative for Covid 19 rapid testing, does that mean I am Covid-free?

Covid 19 rapid testing is used to decrease the risk of spreading the virus. Testing negative does not mean you can participate in events or activities that increase your exposure to Covid. There’s still a possibility that you have contracted the virus, but you are still in the window period of the infection; that’s why the test hasn’t detected the minute viral proteins. It’s advisable to keep a safe distance from others and wash your hands regularly, even if you tested negative.

Are rapid covid tests accurate? The accuracy of Covid rapid tests depends on whether the viral loads are high enough to be detected. Keep in mind that there’s a possibility of getting a false negative result. That’s why molecular PCR tests are deemed more accurate than rapid tests.

Rapid covid test accuracy may also be questioned when performed by people who are not healthcare workers. Some may not mix the sample and solution well, or they read it too early or too late from the recommended time.

So, is a rapid covid test accurate? Yes, it can be accurate, as long as the protocols were followed correctly.

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