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The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted our day-to-day lives. Now, with the arrival of the vaccines, we can slowly inch our way to the normal that we once knew.

However, with the emergence of the virus’s new variants, the transmission of the Coronavirus is faster than before. That’s why we at WellHealthWorks aim to help employers in protecting their staff and workplace.

Getting your employees vaccinated is the first step towards a safer workplace and getting things back to normal. Here is some information that you need to know when getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

How Covid-19 Vaccines Work

Covid-19 vaccines aid our bodies in developing immunity against the virus without getting sick. The available Covid-19 vaccines today work in different ways, but their result is always to provide immunity from the virus.

After vaccination, it usually takes a few weeks for the body to develop immunity in the form of T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes. The person can still be infected and get sick with the Coronavirus right before or right after vaccination since the vaccine did not have ample time to facilitate immunity in the body.

There are several vaccines available now. Some vaccines require two jabs. You are only considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the second shot. On the other hand, some vaccines require only one shot. You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after getting the shot.

Why Do I Need to Get Vaccinated?

Aside from the standard health protocols like hand washing, social distancing, and wearing masks, getting vaccinated is another step for us in protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and others against the virus. Getting a considerable amount of the population vaccinated is also a way for us to develop herd immunity. And through it, we can protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

Why Partner With WellHealthWorks?

WellHealthWorks’ goal is to bring health and wellness to you and your workplace. Your staff won’t have to take time off of work just to receive proper health care. Our services are affordable. Our team is familiar with the health insurance industry, and we can work with them on your behalf. With our sixty-five years of experience in healthcare and the insurance industry, you won’t have to worry if you and your employees receive the quality care you deserve. We take care of everything health-related so that you can take care of other things.

How is a PCR test for Coronavirus performed?
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Some FAQs About Covid-19 Vaccines

Who is giving the vaccine?

The vaccine will be administered to you by a healthcare professional.

Will I get an allergic reaction?

You may experience side effects after being vaccinated. However, these are normal. These are normal and expected signs that your body is beginning to build immunity. Some of the side effects, like chills or tiredness, may affect your daily routine, but they will go away after a few days. Severe adverse reactions to vaccines are very rare, but if you do happen to experience them, you should get in touch with a healthcare practitioner as soon as possible.

Can I still get vaccinated if I had Covid-19?

Yes. You should still get vaccinated whether you’ve contracted Covid-19 or not. There are still not enough studies for experts to know for how long you’ll be protected from getting sick again after you recover from the virus. However, those who are currently infected with Covid-19 should wait until they are fully recovered.

Will the vaccine make me sick with Covid-19?

No. You won’t get sick with Covid-19 because the US’s authorized and recommended vaccines do not contain the live virus that causes Covid-19. The available vaccines only teach our body’s immune system to recognize and fight the virus.

Will the vaccine prevent me from getting Covid-19?

Yes. The Covid-19 vaccine will protect you from being infected by the virus. It works by teaching your immune system how to recognize and fight the virus. Being protected from Coronavirus is crucial since we don’t know precisely how the virus will affect you. Others may only have a mild sickness, while others may experience severe illness with long-term health effects and even death.

Getting vaccinated against Covid-19 is a step towards doing our part in protecting ourselves and other people, along with the other standard health precautions such as hand washing, avoiding crowded places with poor ventilation, wearing masks, and self-isolation when we encounter symptoms. These measures can help us defeat the virus and go back to the normal we know before Covid-19 happened.

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