Employee Wellness Program Ideas

Employee Wellness Program Ideas

One of the most welcome developments in corporate culture is the implementation of employee wellness programs. Not only is it crucial to improving the health and morale of their workforce, but employers also enjoy higher productivity levels too.

Because of the rising costs of health insurance coupled with the need to promote employee wellness, it’s actually to the employer’s benefit to set up a well-thought-out wellness program. Here’s what a successful employee wellness program can do for your organization:

  • Decreased overall health care costs
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Attract top talent
  • Achieve higher employee productivity
  • Reduced instances of injuries and related workers’ compensation
  • Protection against contagious diseases
  • Improved employee morale and loyalty

What Wellness Programs Can You Implement for Your Team?

Now that we’ve established why you should invest in your employees’ wellness, let’s take a look at some ideas that you can include for a more rounded, efficient program.

The key to a successful employee wellness program is to focus on overall wellbeing without sacrificing the fun aspects. First get your team engaged and make sure the programs are actually beneficial to their physical and mental wellbeing. If your employees are not sold on the ideas, then the wellness program will quickly lose steam and fizzle out.

So make sure to choose fun, new ideas and see which your employees value the most. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Implement a flexible work schedule

One great way of advocating work-life balance is through flexible work schedules. Employers who give flexible working times can help in reducing their employees’ stress levels. Since they have time to take care of family, go to school, or pursue hobbies, among other things. The effect is a boost in employee productivity and better employee retention.

Club Membership Corporate Discounts

Try giving gym discounts. That way, you can bypass the difficulty of encouraging employees to exercise and go to the gym. Knowing that they can have a gym membership at a discounted rate can be enough to motivate even those who are not planning on getting the membership at all.

On-Site Healthcare

Making sure that your team is healthy all-year-round should be a priority. Noting seasonal ailments that can afflict your employees, such as the flu, is a great start. Attending to their health on-site is one way of ensuring everyone’s in tip-top shape.

You can do this by having a health and wellness partner standing by to provide general medical checkups, biometric screenings, administering flu shots, and so on. Prevention definitely will save your company in healthcare costs in the long run.

On-Site Healthcare

Whenever employees feel stressed, they tend to eat cheap, unhealthy food that’s within reach. Give your employees information (whether by email, pamphlets, etc.) about healthy food choices within the vicinity of your office. It can help them form the right decisions with what they eat. You can also serve healthy food in the break room, which will give your personnel more healthy choices.

Fitness Challenges and Incentives

Receiving incentives is an excellent motivator for every employee. Some people can’t see the long-term benefits of being healthy yet. That’s why gym membership discount offers and serving healthy food in the lunchroom may not be enough.  Incentives are tangible rewards that can be received immediately compared to losing weight, which undoubtedly takes time.

Giving fitness challenges (like who can lose the most weight in a given time frame) with incentives like gift certificates or prize money can motivate anyone. After getting on board with the program, they will start seeing results. And these employees might be encouraged to continue their fitness journey, with or without incentives.

Remember a Healthy Team Makes a Strong Company

You can take good care of your employees by promoting wellness programs that encourage them to choose healthy habits pro-actively.

Employers need to tap into the benefits of promoting a healthy lifestyle to their employees as a way of valuing their workforce. Wellness programs can reduce absenteeism, increase employee productivity, lower healthcare costs, and grow company revenues.

When employees feel that their company is finding ways to take good care of them, it builds loyalty and healthy work relationships. And in the long haul, this will benefit the workforce and the company as well.

Start Your Wellness Program with WellHealthWorks!

At Well Health Works, we offer a comprehensive lineup of employee wellness programs designed to promote a healthy, active workplace. Call us now at 833-935-9355 to learn more about how we can help you implement the perfect wellness program for your team.

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