Everything You Need To Know About Face Temperature Scanner

Everything You Need To Know About Face Temperature Scanner

How much do you know about face temperature scanners? If you plan to get one right now, this post is for you.

In today’s age, businesses have heightened their security, not just in terms of physical damages or loss. Because of the pandemic, the need to secure preventive health measures is put into place. This is the reason why most establishments and offices buy their own face temperature scanners.

Can’t decide which face temperature scanner is suitable for your business? Let Well Health Works help you.

What Is A Face Temperature Scanner?

If you must know, your body’s temperature is no longer private. Most businesses mandate people who will enter their premises go under a face temperature scanner first. Instead of using a standard thermal scanner, companies look for devices that can be paired with facial recognition software and personnel directories. Other face temperature scanners can also determine if a person is not wearing masks, which is another preventive health measure.

Benefits Of A Face Temperature Scanner

If you still have doubts about using a face temperature scanner, the advantages below might change your mind.

Contactless Temperature Screening

Experts suggest that we maintain at least a 6-feet distance from each other. But this cannot be followed if you will use a temperature gun. On the other hand, face temperature scanners are contactless and could work on their own.

Safer Working Environment

Face temperature scanners are often placed near the entrance of a facility. By notifying that a person has a fever, they can be stopped from entering the office or establishment right away. This lessens the risk of affecting others.

Fast Results

For business establishments, it’s critical that your temperature scanners are fast and efficient. Otherwise, it will create a bottleneck at your office’s entrance. If you want efficiency and quick results, having a quality face temperature scanner is the solution.

Not all face temperature scanners are created equal. If you want to get the best one, Well Health Works can provide recommendations.

Reporting and Alerts

Depending on the temperature scanners that you will choose, some can also send instant reports and alerts whenever an employee has an abnormal temperature. This is important so that the management or the person in authority can already mandate the employee on the next step. In most cases, they are requested to stay at home or get themselves tested.

Better Employee Allocation

Instead of having someone man the area, you can designate employees for more complex tasks. This improves your company’s overall productivity.

Different industries can take advantage of face temperature scanners. Even if you are a small business, we can guarantee that it’s a good investment. Here are a few industries that are already using face temperature scanners.

  • Sports facilities
  • Schools
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Nursing homes etc.

How To Choose A Face Temperature Scanner?

When looking for the right face temperature scanner, having high standards is a must. Admittedly, many brands and models are available in the market, and it’s tempting to get the most affordable options. However, since you will use the face temperature scanner for business, setting the bar high is a must. Here’s a list of features of the best face temperature scanners.

Easy Installation

Your face temperature scanner must be installed immediately and no time should be wasted. If your device is too complex to understand and set up, your business’ entire operation will also slow down. Remember, temperature checks are done at the point of entry.

Fast Screening

Considering the volume of people going into your office, having a temperature scanner that gives instant results is recommended. If it takes several seconds, then it should be out of your options.

Outstanding Software

If you plan to integrate the data into your system, look for a scanner that uses top-notched software. The most important thing here is the privacy and security of data. Otherwise, you are putting your employees in jeopardy if their information is leaked to the public.

How To Take Care of Face Temperature Scanners

Face temperature scanners are not cheap and that’s why you have to know how to maintain them. Just like any other type of electronics, here are the things you need to take note of.

Have A Sturdy Support

One of the worst things that can happen to your temperature scanner is to fall. Thus, you need to secure its position where the device can stand firmly. If you need to add extra support, feel free to do so.

Clean Your Device Regularly

Your temperature scanner is exposed to many things, and cleaning it is a must. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions first. But in general, wiping it with rubbing alcohol should do the trick. Don’t forget to clean the stand as well.

Check Its Accuracy

Check the performance of your face temperature from time to time. You might need to calibrate it to provide accurate results. Conduct tests to know if you are getting the right temperature. If it is using batteries, check it as well.

What Are The Limitations Of Face Temperature Scanners?

It is true that face temperature scanners are beneficial. But you have to remember that it also has its limitations. As most of us already know, fever is just one symptom of COVID-19. However, there are other patients who are asymptomatic. This means they might not even have a symptom at all. In that case, they can freely go inside your office and be the carrier of the virus.

Having said that, the management can implement stricter rules during the pandemic. If it is possible for people to work from home, open that option to everyone. In addition, employees who have close contact with COVID-19 patients must also stay at home.

Get Your Face Temperature Scanner From Well Health Works

A face temperature scanner is an investment for any establishment today given the global health condition. If you will buy now, make sure it’s from a credible company. Well Health Works provides face temperature scanners and our team can assist you to find the right solutions for your business.

Call us at 833-935-9355 or send a message at info@wellhealthworks.com.

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