Answers to common employee wellness services questions

We’re here to help you understand our wellness corporate solutions and how you can include them in your employee wellness programs.
Yes, we provide on-site testing at your place of employment. No out-of-pocket cost to employer or employee.
Many companies include flu vaccinations in their employee wellness program because of many benefits. This includes reduced absences from employees, reduced cost to the employer by decreasing time missed from work of their employees, and improved productivity.
Yes, most health insurance plans cover the costs of flu shots. As part of our genuine and compassionate service, we will file the claim with your medical insurance carrier so there is usually zero out-of-the-pocket cost to the company or employees that participate. We make everything easy and convenient for you.
In our efforts to help everyone faccess safe and convenient Covid-19 tests, we now administer drive-thru testing at any of our Covid testing sites. The price starts at $99 per employee.
Results are available within 48-96 hours. If your result is positive, you'll receive a call from one of our medical professionals for a telemedicine consultation.
WellHealthWorks serves employer groups by offering on-site Covid-19 pre-work screenings. The screenings include a temperature check and a health screening questionnaire. We also offer FDA-approved Covid-19 antibody testing. The test results come out in just three minutes. This testing determines antibodies present in the body to fight off Covid-19.
It is our fully automated solution for employers to check the temperatures of their employees and guests that come into their office. Our AI Temperature Screening Station is equipped with a high-precision imaging module with a temperature detection range between 90⁰F - 110⁰F and accuracy of ± 0.5⁰. This satisfies the FDA requirement of accuracy level for diagnostic Covid-19 screening. Find out more about this product here.
Our price starts as low as $295 per month with additional multi-unit discounts! We also have small business & enterprise-level options available. Call us for more information or dial 833-935-9355 for a discovery call.
Biometric screenings offer an inside look at how healthy your staff is so you can tailor wellness initiatives to meet your employees where they’re at.
There are plenty of ways to get employees interested in attending a biometric screening. Marketing the event well in advance is important.

Here are a few options:

• Email campaigns
• Flyers
• Word of mouth
• Offer Incentives
Off-site employees can still participate in biometric screenings. You can offer incentives to travel to the office, if possible. Not only does it help remote employees get a necessary health screening, but they’ll also feel more connected to the office. For those who aren’t close enough, mail kits are available as well.
It is legal as long as the screening is “reasonably designed to promote health or prevent disease,” according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It’s not legal to do a biometric screening without offering feedback on risk factors. Employers are allowed under law to offer incentives to increase attendance for a biometric screening event, too.
No, even regular biometric screenings are not replacements for annual physical exams. While it’s a preventative measurement test, following up with your doctor is important, too.
Testing requires a small amount of blood. This may be a finger stick or needle draw. If you’re afraid of needles, try to consider the benefits of the test. The small, short-lived pain can lead to important results that could ultimately improve or save your life.
HIPPA laws do not allow employers to see an individual’s results. They will see aggregate results for everyone who participates. This populates the information that could be helpful in planning a wellness initiative.

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