How to Administer Flu Shot So Patient Feels Minimal Pain

How to Administer Flu Shot So Patient Feels Minimal Pain

How to Administer Flu Shot | Well Health Works

It’s that time of the year when the leaves are starting to change colors. Temperatures are also starting to drop. Many households are also gearing up for their favorite holidays. It’s also the season when people should be getting their flu shots.

There’s a good chance many Americans are getting tired of injections. What with all the COVID vaccinations and booster shots? But that shouldn’t stop you from protecting yourself against the flu. A simple shot in the arm gives you many benefits. It lessens the odds of you getting the flu. It also safeguards you against complications.

The pain that accompanies an injection deters people from getting their annual vaccination. But experienced medical personnel know how to administer flu shots so they won’t cause pain. Or it will only be minimal. Understanding what the health worker will do will help you prepare for the shot.

Preparing for the Shot

There are a lot of preparations involved before you’re injected with any vaccine. The doctor will discuss the shot that you’ll be getting. The Vaccine Information Statement details like vaccine lot number and end date. The patient’s details are also recorded.

Medical personnel also prepare by washing their hands before giving flu shots. They also would prepare the vaccine. They have to use the right needle size for the injection. A needle with a 22 to 25 gauge is often used for flu vaccines. The health personnel will use the appropriate syringe to draw the vaccine from its vial.

Getting the Injection Site Ready

The injection site should also become prepped once the influenza injection is ready. Vaccines are often administered to the deltoid muscle. The right arm is often chosen. But you can request that you get injected on your non-dominant arm.

Most nurses will swab the injection site with an alcohol swab. This is to ensure the skin is clean. Use cotton dipped in alcohol or a single-use swab. If the patient has eczema or an active skin disorder, you can look for an alternative muscle. This is to prevent abscesses from forming on the injection site. But if there’s no other option, the health worker will clean the site well.

Position the Patient

Older children and adults should be sitting when getting a flu shot. They should sit straight. Their feet should be flat on the floor. The forearms should become relaxed and the hands resting on the upper thighs.

Patients in danger of fainting or falling should become vaccinated lying down. It will ensure the patient won’t hurt themselves. It will also make the process go easier.

Get Down to Their Level

A good health worker will make sure they’re at their patient’s level during the injection. They know that this is the best way to make sure they’re injecting the right muscle. Their point of view can change when they’re standing. The needle might miss the mark. It could hit higher than the right injection zone.

Inject the Vaccine

It’s now time to inject the influenza vaccine. The health worker will check that your deltoid muscle is as relaxed as you can make it. They’ll hold the muscle between their fingers. Their grip will be tight but not to the point that it hurts. The needle is then inserted and removed fast. The nurse will empty the entire contents of the syringe. A full dosage is always needed for full efficacy.

The process is often done in seconds. You might not even feel the pinch of the needle. The medical personnel will place pressure on the site. Some will even cover it with a bandage.

You can apply a compress on the injection site if your arm starts to feel sore. Use a cold compress if there’s some swelling. A warm compress is good for relaxing the muscle.

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