Mental Health Screening Tools That’s Good for the Workplace

Mental Health Screening Tools That’s Good for the Workplace

Mental Health Screening Tools | Well Health Works

Mental health has always been a hot-button issue. But it’s an issue that has to become addressed in the workplace. Difficult work conditions and job insecurity can wreak havoc on one’s mental health. This can manifest as anxiety, poor performance, and physical sickness.

Many companies invest in wellness corporate solutions for their employees. But most overlook the state of their workers’ mental health. It’s unfortunate and can cost companies millions in lost revenue. This can be due to low productivity and absences.

Employers can still turn the tide though. They can work with healthcare providers to improve their worker’s mental health. They can use various mental health screening tools to assess the employee’s situation. They can also provide them with specialists onsite or have confidential evaluations done. Even a simple program can work wonders for a company.

Understanding Mental Health Screening

A mental health screening is like any physical exam, except the focus is on your emotional health. It’s an effective way of discovering if one has a mental disorder. There’s nothing shameful about having a mental disorder. It’s more common than you think. More than 50% of Americans have one at some point. Common mental disorders are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

A physician can do a mental health screening alongside a physical checkup. It helps determine if you need to see a mental health professional. These screenings also help your doctor in designing a viable treatment for you. The good news is many mental health disorders are now treated with talk therapy or medicine. Sometimes both methods are necessary.

Common Mental Health Screening Tools Used

There are many mental health assessment tools that a wellness provider can use. Some are self-assessment tests that one can do online. Others are always done by a qualified mental health professional. Each screening tool is useful in checking the mental state of an individual. They also help identify signs of psychological distress. These tools also help clinicians in guiding a worker’s treatment.

· General Health Questionnaire

The GHQ is a screening tool used to identify minor mental health issues. This questionnaire is now used for both adolescents and adults. It focuses on checking two areas. One will check on any difficulties a person has in functioning every day. The second checks on any distressing or new situations the individual is facing. The test aims to identify an employee’s present state (if it’s in disorder). It then compares it to its usual state.

· Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Also known as the GAD-7, it’s a short screening tool that is self-reporting. It’s used to test anxiety levels in a community and clinical setting. The questionnaire has seven items. It can screen for social anxiety, PTSD, and panic attacks. It is also used to check the severity of symptoms and the worker’s response to treatments.

· Insomnia Severity Index

The ISI test is a self-report assessment tool to check insomnia. It’s often used to identify insomnia in respondents. It also evaluates the severity of any symptoms presented. The ISI can identify symptoms that present during the daytime and at night.

The test has seven items that will check one’s difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep. It also looks into the respondent’s thoughts on their present sleeping patterns. It also considers if their sleep problems affect how they function daily.

· Patient Health Questionnaire

The PHQ-9 questionnaire is often used to check for depression in an individual. It’s done in a community and clinical setting. The test has nine questions based on the DSM-IV. It’s a wellness screening for symptoms of depression and its severity.

Holistic Health Screenings at Your Fingertips

The physical and mental health of your employees is crucial. Well Health Works can ensure your team is healthy and at the top of its game. Our company is one of America’s premier wellness program developers. We’ll use our expertise and experience to ensure you have a happy and productive workforce. You can give us a ring at 833-935-9355. You can also drop us a line at

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