Quick Look at the Importance of Prevention Health Screenings

Quick Look at the Importance of Prevention Health Screenings

Prevention Health Screenings | Well Health Works

Dutch philosopher Erasmus was right when he said that “prevention is better than cure.” The phrase is now one of the vital principles of today’s health care strategies. It’s why countless doctors have been pushing for preventive health screenings. Healthcare organizations have also advocated for it for decades now.

These experts say health screenings help with the early detection of many diseases. It also helps ease its treatment. The end result is a better quality of life and the prevention of premature death.

Many people avoid going to the doctor. They’re still reluctant despite endless reminders about getting regular checkups. One study enumerated the factors that made people unwilling. The number one reason is the belief that they’re healthy. Lack of time, fear, and lack of understanding of the process are some of the reasons mentioned as well.

Understanding the Different Health Screenings

Lack of information is one of the reasons why thousands of people don’t go to their doctor for a simple checkup. Many believe that the screening process is too complicated. Others might have had a bad experience. Understanding what the different health screenings are can help reduce fears.

Health screening falls under the umbrella of preventive care. The term refers to services like wellness screenings and diagnostic tests. These are then performed to check an individual’s health status.

Prevention health screenings are tests designed to look for diseases. It’s done before any symptoms appear. They are useful in giving insights about an illness a person might be at risk for. The individual can then work with their doctor to prevent contracting this disease.

How important is preventive health screening? Consider this. A stroke is often called the silent killer because it has no symptoms. But someone undergoing a carotid artery screening can discover if they’re at risk of a stroke.

Wellness screening is another type of health screening. It’s a general evaluation of a person’s health. This type of screening can involve drawing blood or a finger stick. The blood drawn is then used to test blood count and blood electrolyte levels. It also checks kidney and liver function. Doctors will also recommend an ultrasound screening to check the internal organs.

A wellness test is also called biometric screening. It’s a key component of today’s wellness corporate solutions.

Importance of Prevention Health Screenings

There’s a good chance that you or a loved one owns a car. It’s unthinkable for a car owner not to do an oil change. Everyone knows regular maintenance is a must. A vehicle needs a checkup every now and then, and so do people.

You might be thinking that you’re healthy and don’t need a checkup. But a health screening isn’t for people who are feeling something. Here’s why these screenings are important:

· It Helps Prevent Medical Conditions

A lot of health problems can be avoided. One of the best ways to do this is by undergoing prevention health screenings. Your doctor will tell you what health screenings you should get. This is always based on your medical and family history.

A health screening will help your doctor find signs of a possible medical issue. Discovering a condition early will help you control it. It can also prevent it from becoming a full-blown disease.

· It Lowers Your Health Risks

You should be in charge of your health. Preventive screenings will help you take control. It also helps your doctor find signs of medical conditions you should focus on. For example, a biometric screening can show if you have bad cholesterol. Your doctor can then give you options on how to manage it. They might prescribe medication or refer you to a nutritionist.

· It Helps You Live Longer

Millions of people diagnosed with cancer could live a decade longer if they catch it. The same goes for people with chronic diseases. The earlier you’re diagnosed, the better your chances are of surviving. Preventive health screening can help you beat your illness. You can live a full life for longer.

· It’s Cost Effective

Health screenings can also help you save money in the long run. A lot of companies have good health care programs for their employees. They offer biometric screening, flu shots, and antigen tests. You should take advantage of every wellness benefit offered. A health screening today means fewer hospital visits in the future. You won’t have to spend your money on expensive operations or medicines.

· Helps Boost Company Productivity

Companies lose millions because of employee absences. Many workers take time off due to health problems. Health and wellness screening can identify and treat these issues. They can do it before they become serious. You can keep your employees healthy and productive. You’ll also save your company money.

The best thing about biometric screenings is it takes very little time to complete. You can schedule it during work hours and it won’t impact your employees’ productivity. Taking care of your employees means they will spend less time on sick leave. Healthy employees are productive workers. Seeing the company taking steps to take care of them also motivates them to work harder. Everyone’s a winner in this situation.

Prevention is Always Better

You need a good fitness and health regimen to live a happy and healthy life. Well Health Works is here to help you get that. Our company specializes in providing and managing wellness solutions to top companies. We have been in the wellness industry for more than six decades. We know the ins and outs of a good health program. We offer biometric screenings and AI temperature screenings. We also do flu shots and COVID testing for employees. Call us at 833-935-9355 or email us at info@wellhealthworks.com.

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