Top Examples of Social Determinants of Health Screening Tool

Top Examples of Social Determinants of Health Screening Tool

Social Determinants of Health Screening Tool | Well Health Works

The health of the general populace goes beyond the healthcare services of a country. Studies have shown that the social determinants of health (SDOH) play a large part here. They help in keeping citizens healthy, happy, and productive.

Social determinants of health refer to the conditions a person lives in. These are the environments where an individual is born, studied, and plays. These are the situations involving their work, religion, and relationships. These factors have a significant impact on people’s health and how they function. It also affects their quality of life and the risks and benefits associated with it.

Consider the countries with high quality of life. You’ll be surprised to know that most of them don’t have the largest GDP. But they spend more on social services than on health care.

It’s a sad reality that many countries don’t pay more attention to the social determinants of health. They focus on healthcare instead. For example, the US spends more on health care services than on social services. There’s no denying the importance of Medicare and Medicaid. But people have a difficult time managing their health issues. Most of the time it’s because they don’t have access to basic services like food and housing.

What are the Social Determinants of Health?

The social determinants of health are the forces that shape a person’s living conditions. The US Healthy People 2030 initiative narrowed down several critical areas of SDOH.

  • Community and Social Context: This domain focuses on the community and how engaged it is. Are residents integrated at a social level? What support systems do they have? Is there discrimination?
  • Economic Stability: This domain considers job availability and type. It also covers income, debt, and expenses.
  • Education: The type and quality of education a community can access are also crucial. This covers literacy and the different levels of educational attainment.
  • Food: This is a critical determinant of a person’s health. Individuals who suffer from forced hunger will have more health problems. Access to healthy food options is also considered. A family might have the means to buy food but they don’t have access to fresh produce.
  • Health Care System Access and Quality. The type of healthcare services made available to people is crucial. This also considers the health screening and coverage available. It also focuses on quality of care and the competency of providers.
  • Physical Environment: This refers to the neighborhood or area a person lives. It encompasses housing and transportation systems. It also considers whether the living area is safe and has access to the necessary services. Factors like walkability and access to playgrounds also fall under this domain.

What are the Best Social Determinants of Health Screening Tool?

Federal governments and healthcare providers will be more effective if they consider SDOH. Having an understanding of these factors can help in creating solutions. There are several assessment tools created to help with this issue. The health provider can choose which social determinants of health tools are best. for their client. Here are some tools you can look into or base your assessment on:

Area Deprivation Index
Community Paramedicine Pilot Health Assessment
National Equity Atlas
Opportunity Index
Self-Sufficiency Outcomes Matrix
Social Determinants Screening Tool
Social Needs Assessment

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