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How Long Does Flu Vaccine Last?

The influenza virus causes flu in communities in certain seasons. And it’s becoming worse nowadays due to the pandemic happening worldwide. Flu can cause mild to severe symptoms. It can even lead to life-threatening complications. In fact, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and deaths each year are due to flu.…
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How Does the Flu Vaccine Work | Well Health Works

How Does the Flu Vaccine Work?

The CDC conducts studies to determine the effectiveness of flu vaccines. Especially when it comes to how well they can protect you against influenza viruses. You need a flu vaccine every year. Your immune protection from vaccination reduces over time. That’s why you need to get yourself vaccinated for optimal…
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Why Getting a Flu Vaccine Is Important | Well Health Works

Why Getting a Flu Vaccine Is Important

Getting a flu shot every year in preparation for flu season is more important than ever since we’re amid a global pandemic. Most people may be wondering why they would need a flu vaccine and the resulting benefits. Healthcare practitioners will often tell you that it’s totally worth the hassle. …
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Recommended Vaccines for Adults | Well Health Works

Recommended Vaccines for Adults

Every year, thousands of adult Americans get sick and are hospitalized from diseases that could have been easily prevented with a vaccine. Infants and toddlers get lots of immunizations, but their parents and other adults often forget that they may need vaccinations too. “Every child has the right to feel…
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