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Flu Vaccine Program For The Workplace

Flu seasons come and go, but they are often unpredictable in their severity. Left unchecked, it can severely impact your business in the form of decreased company productivity, higher healthcare costs, and battered employee morale. On average, the flu is responsible for over 30 million outpatient visits, as well as hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations per year. The economic fallout is in the billions. Here’s the thing though — you can avoid such unwelcome complications in the workplace by simply being proactive with corporate flu shots. WellHealthWorks is here to protect your entire organization regardless of size or industry! With our onsite flu shots services, your employees can enjoy absolute peace of mind and convenience. Additionally, you can be confident that your company will stay on track even when the flu season blows through.

Let us help you stop the flu before it grounds your business

According to the CDC, 5% – 20% of the U.S. population is infected with the flu every year. Due to the severity of the influenza virus and how quickly it can spread, businesses need to be proactive about prevention measures. On average, employees who are down with the flu need around three to six days to fully recover.  Even when they’re starting to show signs of recovery, they still can’t come in to work as there’s always the risk of someone else getting infected. Not many organizations can cope with such prolonged absence. Our corporate flu vaccine program here at WellHealthWorks offers an effective way to reduce sick days and help maintain a healthy, productive workforce. Boasting over 65 years of combined healthcare experience, our team caters to companies of all sizes.
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On-site flu clinic

Convenience and Easy Access

Taking time out of the workday to visit our facility can be a hassle, not to mention it reduces productivity for the day. Not to worry as we deliver our corporate flu shots right there at your workplace. Our mobile certified care clinic allows us to deliver a convenient, time-efficient vaccination process. It even helps us properly coordinate between multiple locations.
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Simply call 833-935-9355 to connect with the WellHealthWorks team. In addition to our flu vaccine program, we also offer COVID-19 testing, biometrics screening, and other wellness programs. We’d love to hear from you.

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