Wellness Screening

Wellness Screening

Wellness screening is one of the most vital components of any successful employee health and wellness program. Even on an individual level, this type of screening can be highly effective in the early identification of certain preventable diseases. It is an important first step to help one become more aware of key health indicators, such as blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, and glucose levels. WellHealthWorks offers comprehensive wellness assessment solutions that include a series of wellness tests. We are committed to your utmost wellbeing. Our screening includes, but not limited to:
Blood pressure monitoring
Body mass index (BMI)
Body fat analysis waist/hip measurements
Cholesterol checks: total cholesterol, triglycerides, good and bad cholesterol ratios
Complete blood analysis (iron, hemoglobin, etc)
Screening for diabetes, liver and kidney functions, thyroid functions, and much more

The general recommendation is that everyone undergoes a wellness screening regularly (the actual period depends on your age and risk factors).

The results from these tests provide helpful info on what you can do to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. It also helps one understand if a doctor or wellness specialist needs to step in and help improve those results through medication or other medical care.

What happens at the screening?

WellHealthWorks features a fully equipped mobile clinic so we can come to your workplace to conduct the required tests without too much interference in your employees tasks for the day. For individuals, you can simply visit us or agree on a convenient testing location. Depending on the number of tests, the entire screening process can be completed in as little as 10 minutes by our highly qualified and experienced staff. We have already conducted thousands of these screenings for employees at various companies. Test results are usually available almost immediately, though there are certain special cases where the results can take a couple of days before it is delivered. We also provide educational materials so people are reminded to take their wellness seriously, as well as make them feel comfortable during the screening process.
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Wellness and health screenings are an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Let’s work with you today to certify a clean bill of health for you and your people. We also provide corporate flu shots, COVID testing, and other related preventive health measures. Give us a call now at 833-935-9355 to get started.

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