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Where Can I Get a Biometric Screening | Well Health Works

Where Can I Get a Biometric Screening and Why Get One?

The COVID-19 pandemic was brutal and targeted everyone. No one was safe. But people who were healthier did have more of a fighting chance to ward off the virus. That’s one of the many lessons the coronavirus taught us. It’s also why companies and employees alike are more conscious of…
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How to Deal with Chronic Stress | Well Health Works (2)

How to Deal with Chronic Stress, What You Need to Know

During job interviews, applicants always have their best foot forward. Everyone is willing to be trained, are fast learners, and are able to handle stress well. But how can you check the latter? It is important to check how your applicants will react to certain stimuli. Putting enough pressure not…
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What is Medical Screening | Well Health Works

What is Medical Screening and How Beneficial It Is To You?

Medical screenings are important if you want to maintain good health. It is especially crucial as you get older. After all, you can prevent death due to illness if you go through regular medical screenings. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in several countries worldwide. But if you…
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Best Vitamins for Heart and Circulation | Well Health Works

What are the Best Vitamins for Heart and Circulation?

What is the most important organ in the human body? Many will say it’s the heart. It’s close but the brain trumps the heart. After all, the brain controls everything our body does. The heart is one of the more important organs in our system though. It’s the center of…
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Social Determinants of Health Screening Tool | Well Health Works

Top Examples of Social Determinants of Health Screening Tool

The health of the general populace goes beyond the healthcare services of a country. Studies have shown that the social determinants of health (SDOH) play a large part here. They help in keeping citizens healthy, happy, and productive. Social determinants of health refer to the conditions a person lives in.…
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Mental Health Screening Tools | Well Health Works

Mental Health Screening Tools That’s Good for the Workplace

Mental health has always been a hot-button issue. But it’s an issue that has to become addressed in the workplace. Difficult work conditions and job insecurity can wreak havoc on one’s mental health. This can manifest as anxiety, poor performance, and physical sickness. Many companies invest in wellness corporate solutions…
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Biometric Health Screenings | Well Health Works

Biometric Health Screenings: What Are They and What do They Test?

Biometric health screenings are short clinical screenings done to a person to give them an overview of their health and notify them if there are changes to their health status. Employers, unions, non-profit groups, and public health organizations provide these screenings. They can pair biometric health screenings with risk assessments,…
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Benefits of Nature | Well Health Works

Benefits of Nature: How It Impacts Our Wellbeing

Nature is all around us, and it provides us with everything that we need to live. The forests, bodies of water, and soils cater to our necessities, such as clean air, water, food, clothing, and habitat. But, there are more benefits of nature than just giving us these things. It…
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how 30-minute exercises can help employees | Well Health Works

How 30-Minute Exercises Can Help Employees

Here’s an article that will make you change your habits and add 30-minute exercises to your daily routine. Most employees today live a sedentary lifestyle. For hours on end, people are glued to their computers or stations working on reports, product developments and whatnot. As we all know, that’s going…
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pcr test | Well Health Works

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