What are Biometric Screenings and Why You Should Offer Them

What are Biometric Screenings and Why You Should Offer Them

What are Biometric Screenings | Well Health Works

The dust is beginning to settle after the devastation of COVID-19. Employers and employees have come out of the pandemic with different workplace expectations. Many companies now have a deeper interest in the well-being of their staff. Meanwhile, employees now understand that they’re more vulnerable health-wise.

These changes are obvious in the workplace trends and expectations for this year. Higher pay is not enough for many workers. They now demand flexible working conditions. Employers are also accepting the truth. Healthy and satisfied employees are more productive and effective.

Many companies want to show their support for their employees’ health and well-being. But most don’t know where to start. One trend is to host biometric screenings for the entire workforce.

What are biometric screenings? These are short and quick health examinations. These often include measuring key details like the employee’s height and weight. It also includes bloodwork. These check the individual’s cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and such. This truncated health exam also has employees answering a health questionnaire. It details their family history and any medical conditions they have.

This simple health screening creates a reference point for the individual’s health. Their physician can have an inkling of what health issues the person is facing. They can then order further medical tests or prescribe the best medication. The data is also used to determine lifestyle changes the person should make.

Many companies have integrated biometric screenings into their wellness corporate solutions. You should do the same. There are many reasons why a company should offer this screening.

It Prompts Employees to Be Aware of Their Health

Countless individuals hate going to the doctor. Who can blame them? Waiting for hours in the doctor’s office isn’t anyone’s idea of a productive day. Biometric screenings can help remind your employees of the importance of their health.

A biometric screening is fast and fuss-free. The results can encourage them to see their doctor for their physical health. It can also show them any underlying health problems they should get ahead of.

It Provides Businesses with a Focus

To their credit, many companies are serious about providing the best healthcare programs. But most don’t have any idea what type of wellness solutions to offer. Hosting a biometric screening can be a start. It gives you the data needed to design an effective health program.

Management won’t see the test results of individual employees. But they will receive a total overview of the results. It’s enough to give them an idea of the health of their workforce. Let’s say a company has employees suffering from high blood pressure. They can introduce healthier meal options in the cafeteria. They can also convert one area into a gym.

It Can Improve Your Bottom Line

A great company is like a well-oiled machine. All the gears are spinning and everything is working well. But this harmony can become disrupted by one broken cog or sick employee. The CDC has mentioned five diseases that cost businesses millions every year. They are diabetes, obesity, and lack of physical activity. High blood pressure and smoking are among the top culprits too.

Biometric screenings can help companies address these issues head-on. They can develop an effective strategy to help their employees get healthier. A wellness screening can also prompt workers to be proactive with their health. This can lead to fewer absences or ER visits. Companies will also be able to lower healthcare-related expenses. Most organizations spend at least $25,000 per employee who needs inpatient care.

Giving Workers What They Need

Companies with satisfied employees are not afraid of the Great Resignation. They know they can offer the best corporate health solutions, thanks to Well Health Works. We’re one of the best corporate wellness solutions providers. We have the best health programs for any workplace. Our skills and years of experience have helped us in developing wellness programs. We offer biometric screenings and flu shots. We can provide COVID-19 employee testing and an AI temperature screening. You can buzz us at 833-935-9355 for more information. You can also drop a line at info@wellhealhworks.com.

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