What Does Thermal Mean?

What Does Thermal Mean?

When the pandemic started, public places and offices used temperature testing to check people’s body temperature. You see, a person’s body temperature says a lot about their health. An example is a fever. It is the most common form of increased body temperature.

Body temperature is a measure of how well your body can make and get rid of heat. After all, a body is very good at keeping its temperature within a safe range. Even when temperatures outside the body change a lot.

What does thermal mean? If you look it up in the dictionary, thermal means “caused by heat.” It also means “being or involving a state of matter dependent upon temperature.”

When you are too hot, the blood vessels in your skin widen. This is to carry the excess heat to your skin’s surface. In this case, you will start to sweat. As the sweat evaporates, it helps you cool your body.

How about when you are too cold? Your blood vessels narrow. This reduces the blood flow of your skin to save your body heat. As such, you will start to shiver. When your muscles tremble this way, it helps to make more heat.

Why Temperature Tracking is Important

You can measure your body temperature in several places on your body. A thermal thermometer can measure temperature from a distance. A thermal thermometer is also a good way to get a temperature from a safe distance. This is especially useful during this time of the pandemic.

You usually find a thermal thermometer or body temperature scanner in public areas. You can see them in malls, offices, business establishments, among others. They use thermal thermometers to track people’s body temperature. That is because it can provide early warnings of fever and infection.

Fever is one of your body’s first reactions to infection. It is common in illnesses like influenza and Covid-19. Do you want to detect disease early, even when you are healthy? You should check your body temperature. It can also help you know if it’s okay to go to work or school.

By monitoring your body temperature, you can immediately detect subtle higher temperatures. This might be an early warning sign that you are about to get sick. As such, you should take immediate measures to protect yourself and others.

This is critical for diseases like Covid-19. This virus can make you contagious for several days, even before showing any symptoms.

Health experts recommend that you take your temperature twice daily. Make sure it is around the same time of day. Do it once in the morning within 30 minutes of waking, and again in the evening.

To get the best results use the same body temperature scanner for each reading. Health experts recommend that you avoid eating or drinking anything hot or cold. Do that for at least 15 minutes before taking your temperature. And do not take your temperature immediately after exercising.

Best Apps to Measure Body Temperature

Apart from the thermometer, you can get your body temperature using other tools. If you are a smartphone user, you can find several thermometer apps for download. Read on to know what these apps are.

  • iThermonitor

The iThermonitor app is one of the best and popular thermometer apps for both Android and iOS users. This app allows you to get the temperature on your smartphone with ease. It is also known as a personal doctor app. With the iThermonitor, you can get information with a full graph of you or your child at any time.

  • Finger Body Temperature

The Finger Body Temperature app operates by opening it and placing your finger on the phone. This makes collecting your body temp easy and intuitive.

  • Smart Thermometer

The Smart Thermometer app focuses on getting precise readouts. It is also intuitive in its UI interface. This app can check temperatures at regular intervals. Moreover, it is capable of charting a temperature history. It can help you or your physician to analyze the temperature trend.

If you have a mobile device that does not have temperature sensors, you can still use this app. That is because the Smart Thermometer needs internet access. You also need to turn on the location. This way, you can access and relay external temperature.

  • Smarttemp

You can use the Smarttemp app to get temperatures on various smart devices with ease. This app has a unique feature where every family member can have their own profile. They can use it for tracking temperatures. It makes it easy to distinguish whose temperature readings the app tracks.

Moreover, the Smarttemp app features a helpful reminder feature. It is useful if you need help remembering when to take a temperature next.

  • iCelsius

The iCelsius app converts your smartphone into a full-on, multi-use thermometer. This app records the temperature data. The app also graphs the data for analysis by you or your physician.

  • Thermo

This is an easy-to-use app. It allows you to search for temperatures in different locations. You only need to share your location. The Thermo app can do a quick return of temperatures in the region. It can also read body temperatures of devices with body temp measuring capability.

  • Fever Tracker

This app is capable of measuring body temperatures in two easy steps. You only need to press your finger on a fingerprint scanning image. Do this while the app gathers the necessary information. The Fever Tracker can also track the fever history you can use for analysis by your physician.

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