What is an IR Camera and Why You Should Have One

What is an IR Camera and Why You Should Have One

Infrared cameras have come a long way. It’s now very different from the night-vision goggles we’d see heroes use on TV shows from our childhood. These cameras are now used in many industries. You can see them in hospitals and home security systems. Companies like Well Health Works include them in their wellness solutions. Some artists even use them to create surreal artwork.

What is an IR camera?

An infrared camera is a device that creates images using infrared radiation. It’s called by other names, like a thermal imaging camera or a thermal imager. It is also known as a no-contact temperature measuring tool.

A thermal camera is like a conventional camera. The former is very sensitive to wavelengths from 1,000 nanometers (nm) to 14,000 nm. The latter uses visible light, which is around 400 to 700 nm. The IR camera then converts the energy into a temperature reading.

This temperature reading is also called a thermogram. It’s a thermal image of the object emitting infrared energy as seen through the camera. The process of getting and analyzing this date is now known as thermography.

Infrared cameras would not have become invented if it wasn’t for Sir William Herschel. He discovered infrared rays in 1800. Scientists like Leopoldo Nobili, Kalman Tihanyi, and others continued their work. They paved the way for modern thermal thermometer scanners.

How Does It Work?

An infrared camera or thermal scanner sees and measures the heat energy of objects. The device then converts the infrared data into a recognizable electronic image. This image shows the surface temperature of the object.

The IR camera has an optical system. It sends infrared energy towards a special sensor array. This detector chip holds thousands of detecting pixels in a grid. Each pixel in the array reacts to the thermal energy it receives. It then creates an electronic signal. The camera’s processor takes the signal from every pixel. It then creates a color map using a mathematical computation.

The color map shows the clear temperature of the object. Each color has a specific temperature value. When these colors combine, they create a color matrix. This is then sent to the camera’s memory and displayed as the object’s thermal image.

Most models of infrared cameras also have a standard light camera. It takes a standard digital image of the object with each tap of the trigger. The digital image is then blended with the thermal one to create an easy to recognize the image.

Why You Should Have an IR Camera

There are a lot of automated temperature screening devices in the market today. You’ll be surprised to know that many of them are very affordable. Thermal imaging technology has progressed so much. It now has many practical uses. Here are some examples of how a thermal temperature scanner can come in handy:

  • It can help you detect fever. Conventional thermometers are uncomfortable to use. Not everyone is happy with the practice of sticking a thermometer in their mouth or armpit. An IR body temperature sensor is easy to use and non-invasive. You can invest in a thermal gun and you can find out if you have a fever in a matter of seconds. It’s helpful in detecting COVID temperature in a safe manner.
  • You can see through smoke. IR cameras are part of every firefighter’s arsenal. The technology helps them see obstacles and people even in rooms full of heavy smoke. You don’t have to be a firefighter to use thermal imaging though. An infrared scope can help you find your way out or locate something if there’s an emergency.
  • You can create awesome artwork. Many photographers are also using infrared cameras to capture unique landscapes and portraits. Like normal cameras, IR cameras also capture light, only on a different wavelength. IR photography was the inspiration behind some of the famous album covers from the 60s.
  • You can discover where pests are hiding. IR cameras can also see the heat signatures of pests and animals. An infrared scope will tell you if a squirrel is in your attic or a raccoon is hiding under the porch. You can also see if there are termites and other pests living on your wall. You can save money on an inspector and go straight to solving your pesky problem.
  • It helps keep your home secure. Infrared cameras are an integral part of many home security systems. These cameras can see through the darkest corners of your property. They can capture the heat signatures of individuals lurking behind the bushes. They can become linked to the system. Any strange readings are then reported at once.
  • You can use it for home repairs. Contractors also use thermal scanners to check for problems in the home. The device can show where heat is escaping from the walls. This could mean the insulation isn’t working and needs replacing. IR cameras can also detect gas leaks and malfunctioning HVAC systems. The sooner you can find problems in your house, the faster it can become repaired. This can save you a lot of money and time.

Using the Best Technology to Your Advantage

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