What Health Screening Tests Do You Need for a Healthy Office?

What Health Screening Tests Do You Need for a Healthy Office?

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A healthy body reinforces many positive aspects of our lives. It impacts our personality, creativity, and drive. It also affects how well we do our job. With how important our health is, it makes sense that we invest time and money in it.

Many forward-thinking companies understand how crucial a healthy workforce is to success. This is especially true now that COVID is still a threat. It’s why many businesses are willing to invest in wellness corporate solutions. The first step to achieving this is a thorough health screening.

What is Health Screening?

A health screening is a test done to check for illnesses before any symptoms appear. These tests can help discover health issues early so they’re treated immediately. Early treatment makes a big difference in most cases.

Getting a health screening is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Your doctor will recommend what tests you should take. These will depend on your sex, age, and medical history.

Most companies need employees to undergo health screenings. Employers want to know that prospective employees can do the job required of them. For example, firefighters have to take fitness tests to ensure they can do Search and Rescue. Managers also want to know if a warehouse worker might have a heart attack if they lift heavy boxes.

Common Health Screening Tests for Employees

Management can ask prospective employees to get a wellness screening before they’re hired. They can also do this after the applicant accepts the job offer.

Companies have some say in the type of health screening employees should undergo. These will depend on several factors, like location and kind of job. But the most common health tests for employees are:

· Physical Exam

This is a general evaluation of the employee’s condition. The company can choose a specific doctor or hospital for the testing. Some allow for the worker’s personal physician to do the exam. The test will check the person’s hearing, vision, and reflexes. The doctor will also ask questions to gauge the employee’s general health.

Employees will often have to take these tests for their standard health screening:
  1. Biophysical vitals and measurements
  2. CBC
  3. Cholesterol level
  4. Diabetes profile
  5. ECG
  6. Kidney test
  7. Thyroid exam
  8. Urine test

· Alcohol and Drug Test

Management can also insist on an alcohol or drug test for a conditional job offer. A worker’s hair, saliva, sweat, or urine will become tested. They will be looking for the presence of alcohol or drugs. The test is often done at an outside clinic and the results go straight to the company.

· Heart Health Test

A heart health test can be part of the physical exam or conducted as a separate checkup. The physician will listen to the individual’s heartbeat. They will also check their pulse and blood pressure. More tests that measure cholesterol, potassium, and sodium levels could become done too.

· Physical Ability Test

Some jobs are more physical and need employees to be at the peak of health. People joining the police or fire department have to undergo a physical ability test. So do workers that might do heavy lifting or manual jobs. They’ll undergo tests that measure their endurance, flexibility, speed, or strength. These can be simple exercises like running laps, doing pushups, or lifting weights.

· Psychological and Mental Wellness Test

Many companies also need psychological tests. There are different types of psychological tests. Many employers want employees to undergo aptitude or personality tests. The tests give management a better understanding of the worker. They’ll know their personality and work style.

Other companies might have therapists do a more thorough assessment. Employees might have to take tests that ask sensitive questions. These can be about any history of depression or if there are situations that make them feel anxious.

Psychological tests are a good way to see if mental health should be in their wellness programs.

· COVID-19 Screening Tests

Every company is also integrating COVID-19 health protocols in its wellness screening. The tests and procedures differ per office but the common solutions used are:

  1. Administration of COVID-19 vaccine
  2. Daily or regular employee screening
  3. PCR swab tests with onsite antibody checks
  4. Detailed guidance from dedicated medical personnel
  5. Virtual treatment for offsite employees

There are other screening checks within the office itself. But some of these methods might not be necessary for some organizations. The following are the most sensible options:

  • Temperature Screening Checks: Chills and fever are the most common symptoms of COVID. An AI temperature screening machine can help identify an at-risk employee. The next step will be to quarantine the worker.
  • Cleaning and Hand Sanitizer Stations. Regular washing of hands will go a long way in keeping employees healthy. It’s easy to make this a part of your office health protocols. Installing a hand sanitizer station at the front door or throughout the office can help. It’s also good to develop hand washing guidelines. The staff can follow it when they use various office equipment.

Health and wellness screenings benefit both employers and employees alike. Management will have less to worry about if every worker is healthy and can do their job well. These wellness programs show employees that the company values and cares for them.

Screen Your Way to Productivity and Success

A healthy and productive company is possible if management and employees work together. We at Well Health Works can help make the process go smoother and faster. We’re one of the country’s top wellness solutions providers. We offer health solutions and strategies tailored to your company. We provide health screenings, flu shots, and COVID-19 employee testing. Call us at 833-935-9355 or drop us a line at info@wellhealthworks.com.

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