What Makes Thermal Imaging Cameras Useful?: The Future of Visibility

What Makes Thermal Imaging Cameras Useful?: The Future of Visibility

Thermal imaging cameras have come a long way- from being initially developed for military use to gas detection and now, for health and safety. But, what makes thermal imaging cameras useful that it has evolved from being just a military tool?

Let us find out in this article.

How Does Thermal Imaging Camera Work?

To better understand what makes thermal imaging cameras useful, it will be best to know how it works. Let us dig deeper into the details.

A thermal imaging camera, also known as an infrared camera, detects the amount of radiation that emanates from a person or an object. This radiation is called heat signature. However, for it to do so, it must be attached to a unique lens that permits infrared frequencies to pass through.

Once connected with the lens, it will focus the IR on a unique sensor array to detect and read the heat signature. The sensor array is a grid of pixels that transforms the IR wavelengths passing through it into an electronic signal.

After that, the camera receives the electronic signals produced in the conversion and uses algorithms to translate them into a color map with varying temperature values. This map is what’s shown on the display screen.

What Thermal Imaging Cameras Allow Us to Do

Now that we know how thermal imaging cameras work, imagine the endless possibilities that one can do with them. Thermal imaging cameras allow us to do a lot of things, such as the following:

  • Be able to see in the darkness
  • Have a vision despite thick smoke, dust, fog, or ash
  • Detect gas leaks
  • Locate hot spots in electrical panels and wirings
  • Simultaneous contactless detection of body temperature of multiple individuals

These things are an overview of what makes thermal imaging cameras useful, especially in different industries like healthcare, photography, safety and security, construction, and electricals.

What Makes Thermal Imaging Cameras Useful in The Healthcare Industry?

Technology continuously evolves to solve our day-to-day problems, especially in the health and wellness industry. Before, we only used simple thermometers to detect our body temperature. Yet, now we have thermal imaging cameras that can monitor multiple individuals’ temperatures at the same time and show it on an integrated visual display.

This technology is proven essential, especially nowadays, where the pandemic is still widespread. Despite the government lockdowns, many businesses still need to continue their daily operations to offer essential goods and services. These employers are making their best effort in keeping their employees from contracting the disease. One way they are doing it is by investing in equipment that can detect symptoms of Covid-19 like fever.

The good thing about using thermal imaging cameras in the healthcare industry during the pandemic is that it is a contactless alternative to thermometers. Aside from that, businesses receiving a massive influx of people every day can also promote better health and safety by using this technology. Airports, malls, and many other facilities can simultaneously scan individuals’ temperatures in a safer and non-invasive manner using thermal imaging cameras.

Furthermore, the industry also uses it to diagnose disorders associated with the neck, back, and limb. Notably, experts in the medical field use thermal cameras to investigate various diseases where skin temperature can indicate the presence of inflammation in underlying tissues. These areas are where blood flow is either increased or decreased because of a clinical irregularity.

How Are Thermal Imaging Cameras Used in Other Industries?

A thermal imaging camera isn’t just shaping the future of the healthcare industry; it is also proven useful and helpful to different fields. Here is how various fields utilize this technology.


Photography gains many benefits from using thermal imaging cameras. The technology made it possible to track and monitor environments for wildlife animals, wherein a smart sensor can accompany it to capture wildlife in their natural habitat even if it is unmanned. This sensor works by automatically triggering the shutter when a nocturnal or hard-to-spot animal is present.

Furthermore, another thing that makes thermal imaging cameras useful in photography is helping locate warm-blooded animals in poor visibility conditions. Photographers can also add IR cameras to drones to survey the environment better, searching for hidden wildlife creatures.

Safety and Security

What makes thermal imaging cameras useful in promulgating safety and security? Well, there are several ways.

First, security cameras use this technology to perform well in low-light conditions and poor visibility areas. It can also take away visual camouflage, like dense foliage, which is often near houses, offices, and warehouses, making you feel much more secure than regular security cameras.

On the other hand, the military, firefighters, and other emergency response units use thermal imaging cameras to locate survivors despite the low visibility brought by smoke, dust, ash, fog, and other contaminant particles. Moreover, it can help detect hotspots, which may cause further damage to the community.

Construction and Electricals

Detecting energy leaks is what makes thermal imaging cameras useful in construction. Through this, builders will be able to remedy energy leaks before completing their work.

Aside from that, electricians use thermal image cameras to locate the hotspot of electrical wirings and panels. The hotspot is where the connection degrades and can often cause massive damage when ignored.

Thermal Imaging Cameras: Future of Visibility?

Many things make thermal imaging cameras useful. This technology is proven to be helpful in photography, security and safety, construction, healthcare, and many more industries. It has come a long way from being a military tool to detecting energy leaks in the walls and even disorders in human bodies. Thermal imaging is indeed the future of visibility.

Now that you know what makes thermal imaging cameras useful, you might realize the need for them in your business, especially with the ongoing pandemic. If you do, don’t hesitate to contact us at Well Health Works.

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