What You Should Know About Temperature Scanners

What You Should Know About Temperature Scanners

Temperature is a key guideline in our daily lives. It affects living things and machines alike. It tells us when something has changed and we should take preventive measures. The recent pandemic is a good example. There was a sharp spike in the use of temperature scanners due to COVID-19. The same thing happened with SARS and the H1N1.

A temperature scanner is a device with various sensors to measure body temperature. It uses infrared technology to gauge the heat coming off a body. A heightened temperature is one of the symptoms of a viral infection. Management can then prevent people with a fever from entering a facility or country.

How Does It Work?

Our bodies discharge infrared radiation at a specific wavelength. It’s detected by a thermal scanner and converted to an approximate body temperature. Scanners can be handheld and used to measure individual temperatures. This is what’s used by many businesses today. It’s placed at about an individual’s eye level. Some will point the device at the person’s hand. For large public spaces or offices, a thermal scanning camera (TSC) is a better option.

An elevated body temperature signifies fever. It’s one of the symptoms of an infection. Normal body temperature falls around 98.6 degrees F. The base temperature for fever using a temperature scanner is around 97 to 99 degrees F.

Thermal scanning devices are best placed at a location’s entry points. Most buildings have a scanner at their entrance or at the reception area. Or place it at any door employees use to enter the premises. You can place some scanners on top of flat surfaces (ex. tables). They’re also mounted on walls or on a dedicated stand.

People with normal readings can enter a public area. The scanner will sound notification if someone has a high temperature. The individual is then stopped and checked further.

What are the Benefits of Using a Thermal Temperature Scanner?

Fever screening platforms have become more common. Most businesses and facilities now use some form of body temperature scanner. It acts as an initial defense against COVID-19. There are other benefits as well.

  • It helps lower the risk of spreading the coronavirus. People with COVID-19 have an elevated temperature. Scanning is a fast way of finding out if someone might become infected.
  • Temperature checks can give organizations a chance to ask in-depth screening questions. You can also use the opportunity to educate people about standard health protocols. You can remind them of handwashing procedures or the recommended physical distance.
  • Reading temperatures are fast. This is due to infrared technology. You can also scan a large area and group of people. It’s easy because the scanners are computer-controlled.
  • Temperature readings use thermal technology. There’s no physical contact between the scanned individual and the device. It’s safer and the machine only needs minimal cleaning.
  • Scanner systems are easy to use and foolproof. Anyone can operate the camera, hardware, and software. You only need a little training to understand the platform.
  • Temperature scanner technology is very accessible and affordable.
  • There’s less danger to the system operator. The scanner doesn’t need contact with the person screened. You can do the procedure and get the readings without worries.
  • Thermal technology does not rely on ambient temperature. It’s why it’s used in any area, whether it’s small, mid-sized, or large. The readings will remain consistent and correct all throughout.

What are the Features of an Automatic Temperature Scanner?

Temperature scanners have a lot to offer. Here are some features that make it safe and easy to operate:

  • You can place it in strategic locations. Scanners use artificial intelligence to show the proper standing position for a person. The device will give information on how far the person has to be to ensure a correct reading.
  • It provides accurate results. Many automated temperature screening machines are accurate to the smallest degree. It’s why the technology behind it is being used in aviation.
  • It has a fast response time. Temperature scanners take quick readings. You don’t have to wait around for the results. This is an advantage in offices as it won’t hinder employees from clocking in on time.
  • You can hear the alerts. All scanners have a screen that displays the results. You’ll become alerted of the outcome via clear audio instruction. This also means the people screened know what they should do next. For example, they’re either clear to enter or have to undergo a second screening.
  • The results are being recorded. Temperature scanner kiosks come with an extensive data management system. The results are all saved and stored in a secure location. They’re also easy to access by the right personnel.

What Limitations Will You Encounter?

It’s important to remember that temperature scanners are one part of a health strategy. While it’s used to reduce the chances of people getting infected, there are limitations to its use. It can’t diagnose a person’s condition and shouldn’t determine treatment. For one, an elevated temperature isn’t an automatic sign of fever. Asymptomatic people might not have a fever.

Temperature scanning might also lull people into a false sense of security. Employees might think they’re safe since they all passed through the scanner. Some neglect to wash their hands or follow the recommended physical distancing measures.

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