Why It’s Important To Invest in Employee Wellness

Why It’s Important To Invest in Employee Wellness

Even if there was no COVID-19 pandemic, the modern workforce would still be plagued by extreme stress levels and quick burnouts. The American Institute of Stress agrees and has even stated that a whopping 83% of American employees suffer from work-related stress.

Additionally, in a recent publication by Harvard Business Review, 50% of Millennials and over 75% of Gen Zs are suffering from mental health issues and have had to quit their jobs as a result. Don’t even get us started on the many health risks today’s employees have to face in their day-to-day — COVID-19, flu, and a flurry of critical illnesses that could have been prevented if only they were detected early enough.

Should we be sounding the alarms?

These are not just statistics, but a foreshadowing of a potential crisis in development. In response, we’re seeing more instances of people rejecting job offers or tendering their resignation because the job upsets their work-life balance.

To make matters worse, many organizations today do not have a clear policy regarding the personal wellbeing of their employees.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for companies to step in and take deliberate action. Productivity and efficiency are important metrics, but you can’t achieve either with a stressed, sickly, unmotivated workforce.

Therein lies the biggest reason to invest in your employees’ wellness. Other reasons include:

Lower health costs

If your employees are not getting sick often because of your wellness program, then it benefits both you and them. For example, whenever flu season comes around, you could arrange for corporate flu shots to be administered.

This way, there’s a much lesser risk of anyone in your organization contracting the virus and spreading it around. The cost of the flu vaccine is a lot less than the cost of your employees being absent because they’re down with the flu.


Better productivity

A healthy, active workforce equals better output. By investing in quality workplace health programs, companies can reduce the average sick leave as well as cut down on health plans and workers’ compensation.

It also fuels employee loyalty to a company because they know that their employer has their best interests at heart. Money is always a crucial incentive, but trust us when we say a well-instituted wellness program can bring about the kind of loyalty that money cannot easily sway.

Inspire important behavior changes

We are all creatures of habit and have various coping mechanisms, including those that are not good for our health. The reality is it’s often hard for most people to make lasting behavioral changes. But having a wellness program in the workplace can provide a much-needed assist.

It can inspire one to give up unhealthy habits, become more physically active, and to be more proactive when it comes to matters regarding their health.


Identify potential health risks

Many chronic diseases that people suffer from today are preventable. Even those that could not be prevented have a better chance of responding to treatment if detected early. Most health and wellness programs include biometric screenings which can provide valuable insights about a person’s health status and identify potential risk factors long before the symptoms even appear.

If by your investment your employees are able to live healthier lives and manage certain illnesses better, wouldn’t you consider that money well spent?

Possible tax incentives

Many U.S. states have considered or implemented a tax credit system to incentivize small businesses to set up wellness programs for their employees. It’s a win-win all around.

Looking to invest in employee wellness programs?

WellHealthWorks is your health partner when it comes to developing a health and wellness program that meets your business needs. We have been in the healthcare industry for decades and we know our way around the health insurance sector too. Talk to us today about your corporate wellness needs by calling 833-935-9355. We’d love to hear from you!

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