Tips to Ensure a Successful Workplace Flu Shot Program

Tips to Ensure a Successful Workplace Flu Shot Program

Workplace Flu Shot Program | Well Health Works

Americans start to look forward to their favorites when the weather becomes chilly. These could be wearing sweatpants and watching the falling leaves. Others become excited about celebrating their favorite holidays.

Many companies are also gearing up for flu season. The lower temperatures make people more susceptible to the flu. It’s the reason why around 200,000 Americans are hospitalized every year. It also means companies lose millions in revenue due to absences.

A simple flu shot can go a long way in protecting people against the disease. But for some reason, many people don’t get one. A workplace flu shot program is a great way of stopping an outbreak before it even starts. This will mean fewer employee absences and better productivity. The challenge now is getting your employees pumped up and willing to join. Here’s what you can do to make your flu shot program a success:

Plan Early

Flu shot clinics should be a key part of your company’s wellness corporate solutions. Organize and schedule it in advance. The flu season often starts in mid-October. Your management should have the pop-up flu shot clinic set up long before that. Take into consideration the two weeks the flu vaccine needs before it can be 100% effective. It’s why preparations should be done months before.

Look for Expert Health Providers

The good news is there are many organizations willing to conduct flu clinics. Your job is to hire the best one for your company. Choose a wellness organization experienced with setting up this type of clinic. The company should be capable of handling the logistics of setting things up. They should also be ready to give hundreds of people flu shots for a limited time.

Tap Senior Management

It’s hard to convince employees of a good thing when they don’t see their management’s support. Have your top-level managers show their support by getting vaccinated first. It’s the best way to set an example for your workforce.

Management should also make it easier for employees to get a flu shot. You can let workers go to the vaccination clinic during work hours. It will encourage them to take part.

Time It Well

Schedule your company flu clinic on a day when most of your employees are available. Coordinate with the different departments. Make sure there are no other activities held on that day. You don’t want some employees to miss getting vaccinated because they were in a meeting.

Promote the Clinic

Promote the scheduled flu shot clinic the same way you would a new product. Put posters up in your office’s high-traffic areas. Send an email blast. Post the event on your company’s website and social media accounts.

Make sure you also promote the importance of getting flu shots. You should also emphasize to everyone that the vaccination won’t take up their whole day. This can help ease their concerns and make your employees more willing to join the activity.

Make It Fun and Worthwhile

Think of various ways to get your employees excited and involved. You can make it a challenge between departments. For example, the group with the most number of clinic participants will get a prize. Set specific goals for your team to meet.

Giving incentives is also a good move. Give a loot bag to every worker who got a flu vaccine. You can also set up a table for snacks near the flu clinic. Why not provide biometric screenings too? Turn it into an entire wellness event! Your employees won’t be able to say no to that.

Create a Healthy Workplace

A healthy workplace is a happy one. Let Well Health Works help give that to you. We’re one of the top providers of wellness corporate solutions. We design health programs for all types of companies. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 100 employees. We will provide you with the best care packages. Our services include health screenings and flu shot clinics. We also do COVID-19 employee testing. Give us a ring at 833-935-9355 or drop us a line at

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